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Ashland, Virginia

Red Vein is where Virginia goes for horror! It contains four attractions that you’ll never forget…because they’ll be haunting your dreams…

You’ll start your journey at Redvyn Asylum. It opened in 1868 as one of the first mental hospitals in Virginia. The asylum was built close to the ruins of an orphanage founded by the late Emily Redvyn, who was accused and executed for practicing witchcraft. Operations at the hospital were kept extremely private. Stories of the creepy doctor spread throughout the area and children would scare each other with nursery rhymes about Dr. Caine, aka Dr. Insane. Redvyn Asylum is an indoor haunted house in VA filled with moving props, highly detailed scenes, and intense scares!


Your next stop is Rabbit’s Cry Field. It’s an outdoor corn maze filled with huge walk-through set pieces and terrifying monsters around every corner. In this corn field surrounding Providence, spirits protect their sacred land and its family’s secrets. Garden monsters, reanimated scarecrows, the legendary Bunny Man, and a family of cannibals now roam the grounds. Can you escape them and find your way out of the maze?

When you exit Rabbit’s Cry Field, you’ll be in the middle of Witch’s Woods, another outdoor maze that provides uniquely memorable characters and classic set pieces. Many creatures have inhabited this area over the years. You can see the crooked white trees where the Ashland Witch was hanged or run from ancient creatures who stalk the brush, craving flesh and blood. The guardians in fur and bone bridge the pathway…will you follow it?

The maze will lead you straight to Providence Home for Wayward Children. Emily Redvyn turned her own residence into an orphanage in 1781. The facility was known to accept children who were abandoned, those with mental and physical handicaps, children with addictions, or just those needing a little extra guidance. A century after Emily’s execution for being a witch, Providence reopened in the 1930s with new ownership. Step inside the main indoor haunted house attraction, which includes over 35 highly detailed scenes, incredible special effects, and screams around every corner!




Centreville, Virginia

Have you ever checked out an outdoor haunted house in Arlington? Now’s your chance!

Fields of Fear is an attraction that’s hosted every year at Cox Farms during the spooky season. They have three main attractions.

The first is The Forest: Back 40. You’ll walk through more than a half mile of woods where you’ll encounter chainsaws, the occult, spiders, and much, much more. It will be so dark that you won’t even know which direction to run in!

You can also check out Cornightmare! It’s an enormous corn maze filled with jump scares and terrifying creatures that go bump in the night…

Lastly, you can take the Dark Side Hayride. You’ll be brought to the Lost Circus, which was abandoned in the 1900s. But now, it’s coming back to life…

If you need a break from the scary parts of the park, there’s tons of other stuff to do. You can hit the dance floor, hang around by the fire pit, sing karaoke, or ride down a six-lane slide. Plus, they have an extensive variety of delicious food, including fresh donuts and cider. What’s not to love at this haunted house in Arlington?




Max Meadows, Virginia

Virginia was first settled by colonizers in 1607, and it is one of the oldest states in the union, so it makes sense that some ghosts would hang around to create some Virginia haunted houses, right?

Haunted Graham Mansion is both a haunted attraction and a legitimately haunted house. While you’re there, you can tour the spooky Trail of Terror, chaotic Corn Maze, apocalyptic Nuclear Warhead, and the infamous Bloody Barn. All of them are destined to scare your socks off. However, the supernatural that lurks inside these walls is definitely a bit more sinister…

Major David Graham is the past owner of this majestic home and its surrounding hills and forests. This 25-room home was built on sophistication and refinement. Legend has it that Confederate officers held secret meetings in the third floor attic to plot battle strategies.

The mansion is said to still hold some horrible secrets. With these secrets come unsettled spirits from the past trying to find rest from their dark memories. Over the centuries, the mansion seems to have hosted every type of ghostly presence, from the macabre to the eccentric.

The apparition most frequently seen in the manor is Clara, one of the little girls who Major Graham’s sister, Bettie, secretly tutored in one of the mansion’s bedrooms. When the beloved student died from illness one winter, Bettie stored Clara’s body in one of the bedrooms, presumably leading to her unrest.

Mother Martha Graham also continues to haunt the mansion. Doctors say her depression ultimately led to her insanity. When her husband could no longer put up with her, Martha’s home became more like a prison. Evidence of her incarceration in the home can be found throughout the house. Her signature and initials are etched into a window in one of the bedrooms, and scribbles discovered in the basement probably were drawn by her. Could she still be confined here today?

Other people lived in the home after the Grahams, and they left their mark on it as well. Reid Fulton was an eccentric law professor. When he was alive, he had cravings for buzzard eggs, so his ghost is said to fill the rooms he’s in with fumes. There’s also an unidentified woman, known as the Lady in the Veil or the Weeping Bride, who still keeps vigil at one of the bedroom’s windows. Is she hoping to catch a glimpse of her betrothed coming back from the war?

Haunted Graham Mansion was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters, and many other paranormal investigators have toured the site. Will you see a real ghost at this haunted house in VA?

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