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Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

Abington, Massachusetts

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Salem, Massachusetts

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Hysteria at Connor’s Farm

Danvers, Massachusetts

Outdoor Haunted House

Chambers of Terrors

Salem, Massachusetts

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Gardner, Massachusetts

Indoor Haunted House

The 7-1-5 Haunted House

Canton, Massachusetts

Indoor Haunted House

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Westford, Massachusetts

Looking for one of the biggest haunted attractions in Massachusetts? You’ve come to the right place!

Witch’s Woods has six unique haunted areas for you to enjoy at their single haunted house. First, check out Witch’s Woods Haunted Hayride. The woods in this area have been taken over by the dead. The tractor’s driver sits in the middle of the vehicle while the riders are on the sides, vulnerable to attacks from all sorts of creatures from the underworld. You might see some witches darting in the trees or hear werewolves howling at the moon. Zombies will stalk after your wagon, lured by the smell of your flesh. You’ll never be alone in this Massachusetts haunted house…


Next is Vampire Passage. Many years ago, 13 heavily armed men were seen carrying a large oblong box that was tightly wrapped in chains and locks into these woods. Legend has it that it contained the remains of a legendary female vampire. As the sun rose, the authorities found what was left of the men and the shattered pieces of the box. Can you handle an encounter with this strong female vampire?

Castle Morbid has spirits living in the castle walls that have grown in strength and can cast confusion spells on you. The spirits will scream and chase you through the winding walls of their castle. The building is extremely secure to keep people out…but will it also serve the purpose of keeping you in?

3D Keeper’s Crypt will bring horror to a new dimension, and you’ll have to fight through clowns to leave the terrifying grounds. Horrorwood Chamber of Chills will take you through scenes from iconic horror movies, presenting some of your favorite scary movie icons. You can round out your trip with a visit to the Jack O’Lantern Jamboree, which features hundreds of professionally carved pumpkins. You can even visit the later two haunted house MA without a ticket with your kids!

Witch’s Woods is the absolute best Massachusetts haunted house experience. Will you visit this Halloween season?




Salem, Massachusetts

Gallows Hill is the top rated Salem haunted house experience. Don’t miss it on your trip to the witchiest town in the United States!

Gallows Hill Main Show is the ultimate event of your visit. Using holograms, ghostly projections, rumble seats, 4D effects, and more, Gallows Hill brings to life witches and ghosts, the creatures the Puritans most feared. It’s an interactive, exciting way to immerse yourself in the history and terror of the Salem Witch Trials.

Ever wonder what it was really like at the Salem Witch Trials? You can enter Guilty! A Salem Witch Trial, a theater experience that will get your blood boiling. Guests will enter the courtroom where the judge awaits only to find out that you’re the newest accused witch! You’ll try to plead your innocence, but you might just be found guilty…

The Lost Museum takes you on a journey deep below ground for this haunted house in MA experience. You’ll discover strange rooms, cursed artifacts, ghosts, monsters, and more! Each room is filled with amazing special effects, animatronics, and living portraits. You’ll go through each room with your guide, and you and your group will have to solve the mystery of the abandoned museum before you are lost forever!

Come to see the real thing? Gallows Hill offers you the chance to go on a night of ghost hunting! You’ll work with a paranormal investigator to use your intuition to connect with the other side. You’ll get instruction on paranormal history, activity, communication, debunking, mediumship, and protection. You’ll then be armed with ghost hunting equipment like EMF detectors, infrared thermometers, audio recorders, and more before participating in a hands-on investigation of the Gallows Hill Theatre and The Lost Museum. Will you find enough evidence to convince you of the existence of ghosts?

If you’re interested in getting a more holistic tour of Salem, you can board their Ghosts & Legends Trolley. You’ll take a thrilling ride with your eerie, sinister, and comical tour ride through the darkened streets of Salem. Guests will hear stories of witches, ghosts, and murder. You’ll see The House of the Seven Gables, the old cemetery, Winter Island, and much more!

Want to get the most out of Salem? Hurry to Gallows Hill!




Danvers, Massachusetts

Farms and corn mazes have a dear place in our hearts during the fall. But have you considered going to one that’s a little scary?

Hysteria at Connors Farm has been rated as Massachusetts’s premier haunted farm. HauntWorld Magazine has named it one of the Top Screamparks in America, and Modern Farmer Magazine ranked it #1 on its list of the Top 13 Haunted Corn Mazes. Don’t miss out!

The Haunted Farm is Hysteria’s feature attraction. This 30+ minute walking tour will take you through a horror-filled forest and along the banks of a real swamp. You’ll even go around a real and historia 17th century burial ground. It’s nothing like any haunted houses in MA you might have experienced before. This is what real nightmares are made of…

While you’re there, you can also check out their Flashlight Maze! This seven-acre, world famous corn maze is not haunted, so it’s a family attraction that’s safe for all ages! You’ll have to use your flashlight or just the moon to guide you through. There aren’t any actors in the maze, but the rustling of the corn in the wind and shadows on the path will convince you that you are not alone… The maze gained international attention recently when a family “got lost” inside and called 911 to find their way out. Will you be so unlucky?

Looking for a haunted house near me that is fun for the whole family? Hysteria at Connors Farm is your best bet!

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