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Quitman, Arkansas

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Fayetteville, Arkansas

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North Little Rock, Arkansas

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Haunted Trail of Terror Lincoln Arkansas

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Booneville, Arkansas

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Piggott, Arkansas

Looking for an extensive haunted attraction with lots of opportunities for fright...but also fun? Step right up to Horror in the Hollow!

This haunted house AR main attraction is the Forest of Fright. The Forest goes completely dark at night, but what happens here is even darker. This isn’t a normal nature walk… The foggy trails are said to be inhabited by Leroy Cyrus and his family, who might not be friendly to visitors. They find their food by trapping large game and living off whatever crosses their path. Could you be their next victim?


You’ll also want to check out Misery Manor. It lures patrons in with its Southern charm, and you’d never expect the paranormal tricks within… In this residence, ghosts, zombies, and sadistic humans band together to stop you from making your way to the exit. Plus, you might come face to face with the resident demon!

Another unique attraction is Zombie Paintball Patrol. You and your team will ride on an old military truck with a mounted paintball gun turret, trying to save yourself from a zombie invasion. You’ll have the option to be tactical or ruthless, depending on your style. It’s up to each person on the patrol to shoot as many flesh-hungry ghouls as possible, so make sure to work on your aim!

In addition to their scary attractions, this haunted house near me has fun for the whole family! Check out their Pumpkin Hollow Putt-Putt course! You can experience nine holes of golf in the light of day, or a different course at night! Horror in the Hollow also features a zipline that will launch you over the pumpkin patch, through the woods, and then back to the beginning at breakneck speed.

You’ll never run out of things to do at this amazing haunted attraction…unless you don’t make it out alive!




Huntsville, Arkansas

Are you ready to check out this enormous haunted house AR?

The Expelled is over 10,000 square feet of fear. It’s located in an abandoned slaughterhouse, so the energy in the building is spooky and dark. The haunt has over 45 live actors closely watching your every step, ready to scare you on a moment’s notice. They have over 25 horrifically detailed spaces, and you’ll experience a jump at every corner!

Every season, this haunted house steps up their game with new costumes, sets, and themed areas. They want to leave you trembling in fear, screaming in terror, and running for your very survival as you make your way through the creepy halls of the slaughterhouse. Can you handle it?

The Expelled has been rated as the #1 Must See Haunt in Arkansas by The Scare Factor several years in a row. If you’re trying to see the best of the best when it comes to fright in the state, make your way to Huntsville ASAP!




Fayetteville, Arkansas

You won’t be the only one screaming at this haunted attraction AR!

Banshee Manor Haunted House is located inside Lokomotion Family Fun Park, which transforms during the Halloween season. Inside, you’ll find dozens of monsters who are after you, including the Banshee herself!

According to legend, the McCraulic Clan lived in this house long before the haunting. They were notorious for being ruthless, barbaric, and pure evil. No one could enter the manor’s walls without being tortured or murdered, often for sport. The Banshee’s constant screams often shattered the silence of the night, foretelling of yet another death as she mournfully shepherded the poor soul to the other side.

Eventually, the Banshee grew tired of the McCraulics’ evil ways and all of the death. She chose to punish them, torturing them with her constant screaming, driving them mad. As her final punishment, she no longer led their souls to their final resting place, imprisoning the McCraulics’ souls inside the house forever.

This Arkansas haunted attraction takes place in Medieval times, with jesters, hags, and knights scaring you along the way. Will you be able to make it out alive, or will your soul be stuck there, never to find eternal rest with the help of the Banshee?

If you’re looking for a Little Rock haunted house, Banshee Manor Haunted House is only about a three hour car ride away to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to take a day trip to one of the best things in the state!

Are you ready to brave the bowels of Banshee Manor…or will you have to flee in fear?




North Bentonville, Arkansas

Want to get scared out of your mind while benefiting your local community? This haunted house in Arkansas will do the trick!

Nightmares Haunted House is an intense, high energy haunted attraction that just might cause you to lose sleep…or your mind. They use the latest technology to bring life to their haunt, and their crew of volunteers have been creating nightmares for the citizens of the whole state of Arkansas since 1987. Dare to step inside?

This haunted attraction benefits the Bentonville Breakfast Lions Club, who then donates it back to the community. This charity is known for fighting blindness by conducting vision screenings, equipping hospitals and clinics, distributing medicine, and raising awareness of eye disease. However, they do so much more! They care for the environment, feed the hungry, and help seniors and the disabled. Your screams are going towards a great cause!

Haunted House AR changes its theme every year, so you’ll always be surprised by what they have in store for you. One of their recent themes was a freak show that meets the Old West in a toxic wasteland, so uniqueness is the name of the game here.

Will you let the creepiness deter you…or will you enter this Little Rock haunted house, ready to scream?

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