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Chaska, Minnesota

Looking for an enormous haunted house in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota? Scream Town is your ultimate destination!

Scream Town has seven massive haunted houses on their property for just one low price. There’s bound to be at least one that taps into your greatest phobias and nightmares...


Here’s a quick rundown of each haunted house near me in Scream Town. First, visit Zombie Apocalypse CDC. The CDC has locked down to prevent a virus outbreak, and you’re stuck inside. The dead have risen and are coming for your flesh. Will you prevent yourself and the rest of the planet from getting infected? Next is Santa’s Slay, a Christmas-themed attraction for all times of the year. If you thought Christmas was just a happy time…think again. Krampus and all of his evil elves are on your trail. Maybe you’ll be the one hiding under the Christmas tree.

Check out Trapped Possession, one of the most intense haunted houses in MN. Here, actors and objects can touch you, and there’s a safe word if you wish to exit the experience, so it’s not for the faint of heart! The nuns say that God can’t hear your prayers inside… Ever wondered what it would be like to be abducted by aliens? You can visit Crop Spawn to find out!

There are even more haunted houses in St. Paul to explore. Ludicrous Labyrinth is a real maze with dead ends around every corner. Can you make it through with all of the fog, flashing lights, and horrifying surprises? You can also try to stumble through another maze called Circus Asylum. After five long years, the Circus folk residents of Scream Town became too crazy and too deadly. The haunted house had to construct one of the largest asylums in the state (over 7,000 square feet) to house all of these carnival freaks. You’ll have to hope that the cells are locked as you walk through, and make sure to stay away from the bars!

Lastly, enjoy Oak Blood Forest, a real trek through a thick haunted forest. You’ll feel secluded within 10 steps of entering, and there are no tour guides, protective wagons, flashlights, or even mercy! The Blood Family still roams the woods at night, and they don’t like visitors. Employees have witnessed guests over the age of 30 who have had to turn around almost instantly to get out! Will you survive your walk in total darkness?

Scream Town was named one of the 8 Best Haunted Attractions Across the U.S. by CNN, along with awards from Minnesota Monthly and Haunted Attraction Magazine. We hope you enjoy your stay…and make it out alive!




Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Take your chance to visit the longest-running haunted hayride and haunted house in MN!

The Haunting Experience hosts two bone-chilling experiences: the Haunted Hayride and the Haunted House. You get the choice of which to enter first!

The Haunted Hayride has been running for 35 consecutive years, but staff refreshes the experience every year. Prepare to pass through deep tunnels and gnarled trees on your journey, but that’s not all. You will encounter the remnants of a twisted two-century-old family, their bodies disfigured with insanity, age, and the horrors of their past. They might ask you to stay with them during your Halloween hayride…or force you to haunt the corn field with them forever!

You can also check out the Haunted House. You’ll need to navigate the house’s winding corridors to find your way through, but you won’t be alone! You’ll be mortified with diabolical sights, sounds, and smells on your journey. Guests can wander through the remains of an abandoned hospital to witness the twisted experiments that took place there. You’ll have nightmares for days!

Want to experience the Minnesota haunted house but unsure whether your kids can handle it? The Haunting Experience offers a Fall Fun Fest for anyone to enjoy, no matter their age or stomach for fear. You can feed and pet goats, paint pumpkins, and make sand art. They offer free hayrides during the festival. If you want to see the haunted house without getting spooked, they offer a lights on tour as well!




Roseville, Minnesota

Haunted Basement is far from your traditional haunted house near me, and that’s what makes it so great!

Haunted Basement merges artist-created environments with a diverse range of performance styles. It’s an interactive experience focused on absurdist psychological horror. It has a focus on performance, dance, professional clowning, improv, and theatrical influences. It definitely goes beyond the usual horror tropes of vampires and chainsaws.

Guests need to be at least 18 to enter and have to sign an extensive waiver. Staff recommends that you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. As you might have guessed, this immersive horror experience takes place in a basement, so you’ll inhale deliciously moist air. You can expect strong smells, physical contact, and projectile liquids. You may get very messy! Guests may have to crawl through the exhibit to get out, and you might find yourself in a confined space with something horrible!

The haunted house in MN has a variety of actors who will do just about anything for a scare. They’ll also be wearing grotesque costumes that could scare the pants off of you… Actors are allowed to touch you here, something you can’t experience at most haunted attractions. Another thing: you might be separated from your group, so you’ll have to fend off the horrors alone!

During the pandemic, the staff created an immersive horror experience that you could complete at home. You could get “The Box,” filled with puzzles and surprises, as well as “The House,” an online immersive experience that tied back to objects in the box. No matter the circumstances, the creators of The Basement are dedicated to creating fear.

Haunted Basement is actually a non-profit organization that depends on donations to create their immersive experience. Visiting this location will actually help you support the arts!

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