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Marquette Heights, Illinois

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Bartonville, Illinois

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Factory of Fear

Moline, Illinois

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Baldwin Asylum

Rantoul, Illinois

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Mechanicsburg, Illinois

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Raven’s Grin Inn

Mount Carroll, Illinois

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Round Lake Beach, Illinois

You’ve found the most intense spooky experience in all of Illinois... Check out Realm of Terror Haunted House!

Realm of Terror is a unique haunted house IL that will leave you screaming! Their team promises not just to scare you, but to crawl into your head and mess you up for life. You’ll experience fully immersive sets and environments created by professional set designers. You can even take in horror with your eyes shut in fear with soundscapes created to set a horrifying tone. Their makeup effects were created and supervised by Face Off Season 9 star Stevie Calabrese, and you’ll see monsters beyond your wildest nightmares! From the parking lot to the very last moment, you’ll be inside a winding maze of extreme terror unlike any other.


This Illinois haunted house also features its own haunt bar, making it the only haunted attraction in the state with a bar! They offer several spirits to get you in the mood to be frightened! Their staff offers mixed drinks like Thirst for Blood and Terror Punch, all served in commemorative glasses that you can take home. Don’t worry, beer lovers: they have fall beers, as well as traditional options like Miller Lite and Corona. Plus, you can also order non-alcoholic beverages, like hot chocolate or apple cider.

Realm of Terror has been rated highly by Haunted Illinois and Haunted House Chicago, and it’s also been featured in various media outlets like The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald, WGN News, and more! Ready to be scared?




Schiller Park, Illinois

Want to see some vampires, werewolves, and witches this Halloween season? You’ve come to the right place!

13th Floor Haunted House Chicago comes from the 13th Floor Entertainment Group, which maintains 14 haunted houses all over the United States, including in Denver, San Antonio, and Houston. That means their scares are tested and approved by all sorts of people!

They have two unique Illinois haunted attractions to freak you out. First, check out Bad Blood. A feud between vampires and werewolves rages within the shadows of the city streets. It’s been kept a secret from humans…but not anymore. A ruthless pack of werewolves on wheels known as Lycan MC are clashing with a savage mob of skate park vampires called the Coffin Crew. Will you be caught in the crossfire of the carnage?

Next, you’ll enter The Spirit of Halloween. As the summer ends and the leaves turn brown, it is  said that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. The witch of the woods has cast her spell to summon the spirits of the underworld to cross over and assimilate into form using various objects found around town, including Halloween decorations. The witch commands her army to seek revenge on the townspeople who have cast her out. Can you survive this witchy adventure?

13th Floor Haunted House Chicago will offer fright for the whole family. Do you dare to enter?




Marquette Heights, Illinois

Want to get some fresh air this Halloween season? Check out Spook Hollow!

This haunted house in IL offers three truly horrifying events that all take place outdoors.

Spook Hollow has three unique haunted attractions for guests to tour. The original Spook Hollow Trail was owned by Sir Osiris, who built an empire using the rich coal deposits on the land. He started a small mining town for workers. Osiris hired a right hand man named Montgomery Crescent, and after Osiris’s mysterious death, he took over. No one liked Montgomery’s stern ways. For many years, he was in control and locked anyone who rebelled against him in the cellar of his manor. When he died an untimely death, the citizens celebrated, but the coal mine quickly collapsed, leaving the small mining town in disrepair. Rumor has it that you can still hear Montgomery’s voices on the trail, and the grounds of Spook Hollow will be plagued by him for all of eternity.

Next, you can visit M.C. Manor, the only elaborate home to have been built near Spook Hollow. This haunted house near me has been plagued with strange and unexplainable occurrences, and it’s been said that many haunted spirits and spooks began to travel the passages and corridors immediately after Montgomery’s death. Coincidence? Maybe not.

Lastly, you can visit the industrial complex owned by Montgomery Crescent, which has come to be known as M.C. Nightmare. When it was operational, it was known for its harsh working conditions and unforgiving environment. The workers inside all quickly passed shortly after the infamous death of Montgomery. Some say it was cursed by the man himself… The maintenance team has literally turned into a group of clowns neglecting all their duties, and the electricians lost their minds due to long work hours. Numerous other employees were seen with grotesque injuries and the loss of all mental reason. Many who enter are never seen again…

The Spook Hollow Chicago haunted house has been scaring people in Central Illinois for more than 40 years! Will you be their next victim?




Joliet, Illinois

Afraid of cramped spaces or being locked up? Visit The Old Joliet Haunted Prison!

There are two Illinois haunted houses to explore. First, make your way into The Forsaken. The madness from within the prison has spilled out into the years, where the queen of the damned rules over the most infamous prisoners. This doomsday squad have launched an all out assault on the living in an attempt to escape their eternal captivity. Will you take their place?

Next, enter the Ghost Chamber. A wealthy and dangerous eccentric has bought this condemned prison for one reason: to overcome the theory of spiritual existence. The top paranormal scientists in the world are working to turn the reportedly haunted prison into an elaborate research facility. They’ve uncovered the secrets of the afterlife, and their maniacal leader has unknowingly unleashed these horrors onto humans. Will you be haunted for the rest of your life?

This haunted prison is the perfect day trip from Chicago or anyone else in the Midwest. Can you stand the fright?

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