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Passaic, New Jersey

Brighton Asylum opened in the mid-1940s, housing some of the most insane and violent patients in the country. Horrific acts were reported to take place here, including grotesque experiments and unethical treatment. Add that to the harsh living conditions for patients and mysterious staff disappearances, and the asylum is a breeding ground for hauntings. It closed in 1952 pending a full investigation into how patients were treated, but to this day, what the patients endured here has never been uncovered.


Now, Brighton Asylum has been transformed into a massive walk through attraction filled with terrifying live actors, scares right out of a horror movie, and Hollywood-quality special effects. Their grounds feature three terrifying attractions, as well as four smaller add-on attractions for the adventurous.

The main feature is Brighton Asylum, where neither the patients nor the staff are safe! This haunted house in New Jersey features custom special effects, huge moving sets that interact with you, actor-driven animatronics, and haunts staffed by veteran actors. They undergo massive renovations each and every year, so you can come back again and again…if you dare!

PORT9L allows you to enter Brighton’s long forgotten subway system located under the asylum. For Halloween, it’s filled with bizarre creatures, satanic cults, and shadowy figures that rule the underworld! Will you ever come back to the surface again?

Their other haunted house NJ is The Bleeding Grounds. It’s located on the abandoned second floor of the asylum and housed staff when the mental hospital was still open. Staff once worked, slept, researched, and experimented here, earning it its ghastly name. Can you survive?

If you can’t be scared in these haunted houses, Brighton Asylum offers The Twitching Hour, which provides the option to meet the ghostly residents of the hospital. You’ll be armed with nothing but flashlights, the latest ghost hunting equipment, and your nerve. What’s scarier than a real ghost?

Other add ons include axe throwing, escape rooms, and virtual reality scenarios you won’t want to miss.

This NJ haunted house has been featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, ABC, NBC, FOX, and other media outlets throughout the country. It’s considered one of the best haunts in the tri-state area, so don’t miss out!




Springfield Township, New Jersey

If you want to be scared from the safety of your car, check out Bloodshed Farms Drive-Thru this Halloween season!

During this drive-thru experience, you’ll encounter twisted creatures and menacing characters. You’ll be glad you’re buckled in! You’ll tune your radio to their special channel to hear spooky music and special effects to heighten the mood. Plus the ride has special effects and terrifying sets!

For haunted house lovers, they also offer the Psycho Pass Upgrade. The pass gives the actors permission to get up close and personal with you. They might touch you or even throw fake blood!

It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to drive through the course. Will you be calm enough to make it through?




Washington Township, New Jersey

Have you ever walked in the woods at night and felt like someone was watching you? At Oasis Island of Terror, you’ll be right about that!

The Woods Have Eyes is a trail in the dark forest that is over a mile long. You’ll be taken on a terrifying journey through the woods, where you might have to face some of your deepest fears. This is more than a haunted house, because there’s no escape in sight and no one to save you from the horrors within the trees.

Their other attraction is Blackout. On this trail, your only light source will be a single glowstick. You’ll never know what is about to jump out at you as you make your way through the terrifying woods. Can you survive what lurks in the shadows?

You can also check out the Sawmill Escape Room. You’ll only have 20 minutes to escape, finding clues that will save you from certain death. The room blurs the lines between reality and fiction, and will really make you feel like you could die if you can’t make your way out!

If you’re looking for a haunted house near me, why not try some haunted trails at Oasis Island of Terror instead? You might find them even more terrifying…




Wharton, New Jersey

If you want the best haunted house near me in Wharton, New Jersey, check out 13th Hour Haunted House!

This attraction features two stories of fear, filled with clowns, dolls, and psychopaths. They offer cutting edge virtual reality, animatronics, and actors who are ready to scare the pants off of you! Could you ask for anything better this Halloween?

13th Hour Haunted House also features six unique escape rooms for guests to solve puzzles and explore. Each experience lasts 60 minutes, so you know there’s lots of clues to be found. Their current rooms include The Trophy Room, John Hayden Room, The Great Room, The Cookhouse, The Dungeon, and The Grand Parlor. Each experience has its difficulty level on their website, so their rooms are accessible to veteran escape artists and newbies alike. Do you think you can escape these obstacles before time runs out?

The newest attraction at 13th Hour is their Haunted Hatchets! You can throw hatchets at their custom targets in a unique and thrilling way. They’ll turn off the lights, letting you use their glow in the dark hatchets and targets. If you’re not trained in the art of axe throwing, their masters will be available to teach you how to throw them with ease!

They’ve been rated some of the best NJ haunted houses and escape rooms for many years running, and their experience is bound to blow you away.

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