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Rockwell, North Carolina

Boogerwoods is named for the scary creatures that inhabit it. Do you dare enter their realm?

This North Carolina haunted house features a walkthrough through their unique sets, which lasts a whopping 50 minutes. That’s huge for a haunted house!


Guests will travel down a mineshaft, but the workers may be more interested in using their pickaxes to attack you than hunt for diamonds… The trippy time tunnel will make anyone lose their footing, and their Dollhouse features an all-new torture chamber. Other sets include a campground, mechanic’s shop, maze, and taxi!

You’ll be taken through this Charlotte haunted house by two or more guides. They make sure that the crowd moves on time and that everyone is safe, but they’re also integral to the experience. They provide a show for everyone who dares to enter, and you’ll remember them long after you leave.

Boogerwoods donates all of its proceeds to important medical research. Who knew you could be chased by a man with a chainsaw and give to charity in the same night?

Located in Rockwell, North Carolina, it’s less than an hour away from Charlotte. This easy day trip is a great bonding experience for anyone, including families!

Ready to enter the Boogerwoods? You might not make it out alive…




Snow Camp, North Carolina

Do you feel like there aren’t any haunted houses near me with Hollywood-style special effects? Think again!

The Original Hollywood Horror Show was created by actual filmmakers The Jones Brothers. They have credits as director, producer, actor, special effects, makeup, and production design for hundreds of films and television shows. Their work has been featured in some of Hollywood’s largest blockbuster movies. Now they’ve chosen to use their expertise to create the creepiest haunted house in NC!

Since the creators are from Hollywood, they’ve spared no expense to make your experience feel like you’re in the best big budget horror film. The Ghost Pirates of the Caribbean is a stunt show where viewers will be taken into the world of The Black Pearl. You’ll be astounded by the feats of famous pirates as they sail the seven seas.

Their The Last Ride attraction will hit home in a way that most haunted houses don’t. During this experience, you’ll live out your own funeral, from coffin to grave, in the show’s most theatrical style. You’ll be closed in a coffin, where you can hear sounds and even take in some smells! There’s even an infrared camera inside the coffin that will capture your reactions, which are broadcast on a TV outside for the enjoyment of the bystanders. If you’re worried about your own mortality, this might not be the attraction for you!

Another killer opportunity for fun is Hellraiser’s Vortex, where you’ll get to see the true future of horror. This death-defying trip will let you experience the fear of the Hellraiser movies, all up close and personal.

You can also watch a magic show like no other at The Original Hollywood Horror Show. Magicians on stage will perform some of Houdini’s most famous tricks, as well as other famous escape acts. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, glad you’re safe in the audience.

Facebook users rated this haunted attraction as one of the Top 10 in the nation, which was posted about by the Travel Channel. Get your tickets today!




Youngsville, North Carolina

Looking for North Carolina’s best haunted trail? You’ve come to the right place.

Haunted Forest at Panic Point offers five haunted attractions, all of them guaranteed to make your teeth chatter in fear!

Their main attraction is the Haunted Forest. Created 11 years ago, it’s been improved over and over, standing the tests of time. It offers the most scenes, haunters, and screams at Panic Point. Some of the sights you’ll notice around you include the Butcher Shop, Dollhouse, Voodoo Shack, Junkyard, Pallet Maze, Sanatorium, Motel, Crypt, Abbey, Killer’s Cabin, and Clown House.

Some of the guests describe the most terrifying actor they saw on the trail, only for staff to realize no one matches that description… So stay on the trail!

Next is the Dark Trail and its frightful (but fictional) story. In this area, Doomsday preppers set up a compound in the woods and started recruiting other disturbed people to help them work to prepare for The End. They kicked out two men for stealing moonshine, and these exiles decided to plot their revenge. They mixed up a few pounds of mutagen, then blanketed the entire compound in a mist of deadly vapor using a crop duster!

This biological weapon has left the land and the inhabitants permanently changed. The only more gnarled things than the preppers’ bodies are their minds… You’ll need to avoid contact with them as you travel through scenes like The Bunker, Swamp, and Vortex. Don’t let them touch you!

Another attraction is the Haunted Hayride, filled with seven spooky scenes. The monsters thirst for your blood… Killers in the Corn is like a traditional corn maze…except there are killers inside! Can you make it out?

Haunted Forest at Panic Point is also planning two new attractions, including Menacing Maze, another maze but with a mystery theme, and Carny Crypt, a repaired carnival trailer that might still have some energy from its old residents. Enter at your own risk!

This haunted house near me is rated PG-13, with children under 8 not allowed inside and kids between 9-12 must have adult supervision. You can buy one ticket to see everything, or choose your adventures à la carte. How many scares can you handle?

If you choose to do everything the Haunted Forest at Panic Point has to offer you, you’ll get to see 32 unique scenes and 70 horrifying creatures. Plus, it will take over two hours to make your whole way through.

Can you walk the whole trail without panicking too much? Only time will tell!

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