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Hockessin, Delaware

At Hockessin Haunted House, animals like dogs and cats, or even spiders and snakes, aren’t scary. They’re the reason for the season!

This Delaware haunted house takes place in a private residence in Hockessin, and its theme changes every year. In 2020, guests encountered Jack the Ripper, and they could walk throughout the parlor, kitchen, cellar, and bedroom to see spooky sights and haunting entities. You could even participate in a seance or visit the witch’s hut!


During another year, the theme was the Winchester Mystery House. The founders were inspired by the movie Winchester, which had recently come out in theaters. Legend is that Sarah Winchester, the air to the Winchester Rifle fortune, felt that she was haunted by ghosts. In order to keep herself safe, she continued construction on her home until her death to confuse them. This haunted house in DE replicated the confusing, disorienting feeling of walking through the Winchester Mystery House, which people will travel hours to experience!

Curious what theme this haunted house Wilmington will feature this year? You won’t know until you go!

All proceeds from this haunted house near me benefit Comp Animals Pet Rescue in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. It’s an all volunteer, no kill shelter that caters to animals in need, especially those “on death row.”

Now, you can scream for a good cause!




Middletown, Delaware

Delaware may be known as a tiny state, but Frightland is one of the biggest haunted attractions in the country! This Delaware haunted house is within an hour’s drive of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Baltimore, Maryland, so anyone on the East Coast can experience all of the horror within…

Frightland offers eight unique haunted attractions, including a mile long haunted hayride and four indoor haunted houses. There’s something for everyone in this compound of terror!

Your journey starts at Idalia Manor. Dr. Thaddeus Idalia was a well respected doctor in the area…until he found his daughter’s lifeless body hanging in his own barn nearby. His beloved Isabella had committed suicide, and it eventually drove him insane. Dr. Idalia refused to leave the property, mostly confining himself to his Manor. There, he began conducting horrifying experiments on both human and animal subjects for the purpose of learning to bring the dead back to life. Many of his experiments escaped onto the property, while others remain in the house and grounds to this day. Even Dr. Idalia is said to be roaming the halls still. Don’t become his next experiment!

Horror Hayride takes you on a mile long journey through the fields and woods of the Frightland property. Since Dr. Idalia’s death, many of his escaped experiments took to living in the woods away from the manor, where they could stay off the radar. Plus, there are nefarious people and creatures who have found refuge on the property. You might find they’re angry to be discovered…can you escape?

Check out Ravenwood Cemetery. In order to keep the cops from finding out about his experiments, Dr. Idalia kept the bodies of his victims on his own property. Before his death, he buried hundreds of corpses that resulted from his dastardly tests. Some died horrible and cruel deaths…while others never died at all. You’ll find both zombies and ghosts in this cemetery, who will seek revenge on any who dare to enter their final resting place…

Another part of this haunted house near me is FEAR, where the doctor would do tests on his subjects. He studied arachnophobia, coulrophobia, and achondroplasiaphobia here…so your deepest fears lurk around every turn!

Would you guess that this haunted house in DE also features a prison? Underneath the grounds of Frightland, there’s a network of tunnels and prison cells where Dr. Idalia caged his most violent and dangerous experiments. They were locked behind pure steel bars, 13 feet underground, but freed themselves when the doctor died. These prisoners are now completely insane, and are willing to take their revenge on anyone at all who crosses their path. Enter at your own risk!

You can also explore the Haunted Barn, where Dr. Idalia’s daughter took her own life. Check out The Attic, which is above the barn where the doctor’s daughter spent her time. He locked it after she died, and no one set foot there until Frightland staff gained access recently. To this day, you can still hear the laughs (and screams) of his daughter as they echo through the halls of the attic.

Looking for something a little different? Visit Zombie Town. Dr. Idalia’s father set up a quaint house in a mining town located near his son’s property. He took care of the ill in the town, but outlaws took over during the gold rush, willing to kill for more wealth. His wife and two daughters were killed when the house was intentionally set on fire by the outlaws. Seeking revenge, Dr. Idalia’s father poisoned the well water of the city, slowly killing himself and everyone in it. All of the people still inhabit the town…but now they’re undead, searching for someone new to bite. Will you be their next meal?

If you need a little relief from all of the horror, Frightland now features a full service amusement and carnival park. It offers a wide variety of rides, games, and food. Plus, a live DJ plays music and music videos every night while giving away prizes to the crowd!

You never need to worry about running out of things to do or see in Frightland! This Delaware haunted house Wilmington has been featured on the Travel Channel and was named one of the scariest haunted houses for Millennials by The Huffington Post. Need even more reason to attend? A portion of your ticket price, as well as 100% of their parking proceeds, go to benefit the Leukemia Research Foundation of Delaware.

Ready to see all of the terror that Dr. Idalia left behind? Buy your ticket to Frightland today!

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