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Killen, Alabama

If you can find a AL haunted house in a town called Killen, Alabama, it’s bound to be scary!

Arx Mortis is a 50,000 square foot recreation of a 1940s clinic, sanitarium, and prison. This enormous attraction offers infinite possibilities for scares, and it includes theatrical animatronic props and live actors. Will you uncover the ancient story that took place on these grounds?


In addition to their main attraction, this haunted house has several other parts to make your experience the trip of a lifetime. Check out Mystery Mine: Ghost Coaster, a 4D virtual immersive haunted roller coaster. It features multi-sensory special effects like full movement, air, water, fire, smells, and more! It’s like no other ride you’ve ever been on before!

If you love puzzles, visit their bewildering escape room. An asteroid has been projected to hit the Earth in just three days. You’ll take a ride on the Hellevator to the missile control center and start your five-minute countdown to save the Earth. Can you do it before the planet goes up in flames?

Attendees who want a souvenir will not be disappointed! You can enter Keepers Corner: Oddities & Iron, the AL haunted house’s gift shop. You’ll find t-shirts and hoodies for the attraction, but it doesn’t stop there. The shop also offers high end masks, including Michael Myers, Walking Dead zombies, clowns, and more. They also have a great jewelry collection of pewter pieces, cool steampunk and gothic items, and even horror ornaments for your Christmas tree!

USA Today, The Chive, and Coaster Nation have all named Arx Mortis as one of the top AL haunted houses in the country. Are you brave enough to enter?



Pelham, Alabama

Ready to have your pants scared off?

Warehouse 31 offers three haunted attractions to its guests…or victims. Their biggest haunted house near me is located inside of an old warehouse, and features 50 scenes of terror and mayhem!

The story is that the warehouse was the site of a deadly accident that led its workers to an early demise. Today, the souls of those killed in the disaster have come back in the form of all sorts of horrors, warping many rooms beyond recognition to scare away trespassers. If you dare to enter, you’ll need to watch out for the souls of The Butcher, who only desires more meat for his hook, and The Twister Nurse, who wants to make trespassers suffer for entering the warehouse. Once you’ve begun, there’s no turning back!

You can also go to their 3D experience. You’ll enter a world that seems to be from another dimension when you put on your 3D glasses, including full 3D artwork, a tunnel of doom, and bloodthirsty ghosts. It’s the largest 3D experience in Alabama!

Lastly, while you’re waiting, you and up to five friends can test out your survival skills in their Escape Room. You’ll be locked in a room and need to work with others to make it out alive. Can you solve the puzzles before time runs out?

Looking for something a little more extreme? This haunted house offers Lantern Night, when you’ll walk through the entire attraction with only the light of a lantern to guide you. You’re bound to jump out of your skin!

Warehouse 31 has a 10/10 audience score on The Scare Factor, so it’s a must visit this Halloween season. Dare you not to scream!



Birmingham, Alabama

Want to check out a haunted house with real paranormal activity? Fright Furnace is the place for you.

This Birmingham haunted house is an absolute paradise for horror lovers everywhere. Sloss Furnace is rumored to be haunted, and many have had paranormal experiences with a foreman who worked in the building, James “Slag” Wormwood. One day while he was working at the furnace, he lost his balance and fell into a pool of melted iron ore, causing him to die instantly.

Fright Furnace has been investigated by a range of famous ghost hunting programs, including Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places on Earth, and Unexplained Mysteries. Now, dozens of regular people have had experiences with the spirits that haunt this furnace, and you might, too!

Waiting in line for a haunted house is usually kind of boring, and it can take a long time. However, while your teeth chatter in anticipation to enter the attraction, you can enjoy the entertainment and enter the Roadkill Cafe. You can order refreshments and see a psychic reader, but the most exciting part is Stages of Death. You can watch a variety of acts on the stage, and you’ll never know what you’ll see on any particular night! Shows include fire eaters, freak shows, live bands, and danger acts, so you never have to worry about being bored.

Once you’re ready to enter, the main attraction is the Furnace Tour. You’ll start your journey by venturing into a replica of the childhood home of Slag Wormwood, including the twisting passageways and disturbing memories that drove Slag to madness. After, you’ll explore new locations in the furnace that were formally closed to the public, including the terrifying Boiler Room, home to hundreds of paranormal encounters. Throughout your journey, you’ll find a 3D maze, killer clowns, deranged serial killers, and chainsaw wielding hillbillies. Are you more scared of the actors…or the ghosts?

While you’re there, check out Outbreak 2. Attendees at this Alabama haunted house near me have been asking for even more zombies, and management has delivered. Outbreak 2 is expanded into the woods, and it includes a zombie-infested forest, a 300-foot slide into darkness, a truly terrifying urban maze, and more twists and turns! Don’t let them bite you!

The Hollywood special effects team has loaded the AL haunted house with dozens of monsters, surprises, effects, and scenes throughout your tour. They’ve spent a budget of more than $300,000 to give you the experience of a lifetime, so don’t miss out!

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