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Snohomish, Washington

Is one haunted attraction never enough for you? Why not visit one that has five?

Stalker Farms Haunted Attractions has five attractions and much more, including original storylines, trained actors, custom-made costumes, and talented makeup artists. You’re dropped into the middle of a horror movie, and you can’t be sure whether you’ll find your way out!


Your first stop is the Slasher Family Homestead. The blood-thirsty Slashers were forced to move their home after threats attacked. The new field has a longer history of violence, and the blood runs deep… Suzie Slasher, the murderous matriarch, is using this as an opportunity to grow the deranged family, and no one can get in her way.

Next is POGO’s Funny Farm. He’s made his own field of corn to play in, and now his followers are free-range clowns. They can smell fear and eat laughter, and you’ll never know where they’ll appear next. Are you ready to experience POGO’s love?

The Scarecrow’s Challenge is an intimate maze experience with a semi-sentient creature locked inside waiting for you. The creature can only sense movement through the ground and the corn. You’ll need to freeze in place to avoid the creature’s wrath. It’s a game of red light, green light with a horrifying monster!

You can also play Clown Shot Paintball or tour the scariest of corn mazes at night without the actors. Guests can also rent their own campfires so they can get a break from all of the horror within. Lastly, visit the Midway to enjoy on-site food vendors, their giant jumping pillow, skill-based carnival gaming, and live entertainment!

Are you ready to brave all of the evil at Stalker Family Farms Haunted Attractions? There’s no way to know until you step inside…




Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the most haunted cities in the US. Do you want to see some of the famous sites and hopefully track down a ghost?

Seattle Terrors offers a one-hour or 90-minute walking tour of the city where you’ll walk a mile to see all of its scariest places. From the Squamish Burial Grounds to the Northwest’s first elevator for corpses, you’ll be taken on a macabre journey you’ll never forget. You’ll visit Butterworth & Sons Funeral Home, Seattle’s first purpose-built mortuary. Another stop is the Market Theater, which was originally a stable space for Japanese-American farmers. Lastly, you’ll visit a Native American burial ground, where you can respectfully hear about their culture and the horrible things that happened to them.

Ready to see all of the haunted houses in Seattle in one evening? You’ve come to the right place!




Tacoma, Washington

Frighthouse Station is one of the best haunted houses in WA. Their October Haunt will leave you screaming and running for the exits!

Their main attraction, The October Haunt, takes place during the Halloween season. 100 years have passed since Handstitch Addy’s horrible experiments with reanimation. Her army of stitchers has disappeared, with only vague rumors of her existence coming from the darkness of Tacoma’s Underground…

Yet there are whispers and rumors of lights returning to the ruins of Black Lake Sanitarium, of voices in Addy’s buried ancestral home, of children laughing in the husk of what was once Sunnybrook Orphanage. There are also messages from the Children of Addy, a rising cult devoted to relearning her unholy science.

Unlike some other Washington haunted houses, you have an active role to play during your visit. You’ve been summoned by a shadowy government agency to investigate the town. You’ll need to find the remains of her former lab, destroy it, and stay alive…if you can.

Frighthouse Station also takes their scary vibes on tour to different parts of the city! During the renaissance fair, they run Museum Horrifica, an interactive museum. You’ll see cursed, unpleasant, and macabre interactive objects from legend, fairy tales, true history, and more come to life! Surprises await, so be careful!

You can also go on their haunted chocolate factory tour! It’s like no other haunted experience on the West Coast. It’s interactive and a little scary…plus you get chocolate at the end!




Seattle, Washington

The Georgetown Morgue is a haunted house in Seattle today, but it used to be a real functioning morgue. It has a history of thousands of funeral preparations, cremations, and processing of animal carcasses. Do you dare step inside?

The morgue also holds what is considered to be the most horrifying unsolved crime in Seattle history. One evening, during a business meeting on the premises, two or three suspects who were almost definitely armed entered the building. They forced all nine attendees, the entire facility staff of Broughton Brothers Funeral Services, including the company owner Henry Broughton, to be bound. Each attendee was forced into the crematorium chamber where they died. There were no surviving witnesses and the suspects were never identified…

Now, this building has been turned into one of the best haunted attractions in the United States. You’ll see creatures, actors, and special effects all ready to scare your pants off! In addition, this Washington haunted house has four escape rooms to enjoy, including one themed around the morgue! You’re an assistant to the mortiticna of the Georgetown Morgue, and you were excited at first to start your new job. However, it doesn’t take you long to figure out something isn’t quite right with your new boss… He’s giving you the creeps, so you decide it’s time to leave. When you try to open the door, you find out you’ve been locked in the morgue! The mortician has given you subtle hints that when he returns, he’ll want more from you than just work… Can you find your way out of the morgue?

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