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Westland, Michigan

Hush contains three separate haunted attractions that are guaranteed to send shivers up your spine. Do you dare to enter?

The first area in this Detroit haunted house is The Basement. You’ll enter the Hush Falls Hotel before being whisked down to its basement by the creepy and ghastly hotel staff members. There’s much more to this area than it seems, as you’ll discover ancient evils in this underground temple and catacombs.


If you manage to escape the basement, your next stop is Voodoo Bayou. You’ll encounter local voodoo practitioners in the swamp before you arrive at the cemetery. Legend has it that these spiritual people have tried to keep the ghosts satisfied with rituals and sacrifices, but will it be enough?

Your journey will culminate in the Rosecliff Hall. It’s plagued with legends about the horrors perpetrated by the Von Rose family who once owned this home, but the evil hasn’t been contained in the past. Now, the current residents of the manor are after you, and they might not allow you to ever make your way home…

The Detroit haunted house opens on September 24, and has availability until November 7, so it’s perfect for spreading the Halloween scares.

You can purchase a general admission pass that gets you into all of the different MI haunted houses. They also have fast pass admissions and immediate admissions for an additional price.




Flint, Michigan

You might think, “There aren’t any haunted houses near me,” but Michigan is brimming with spots for terror and insanity.

Exit 13 Haunted House has been voted the Best Haunted Attraction in Genesee County, Michigan. They guarantee that objects and actors will touch you, giving a more immersive experience. Their actors promise to scare you in a way you’ve never experienced!

This haunted house is a maze, so you’ll feel trapped and lost throughout your visit (which is a good thing for most visitors)! It has been completely renovated for the new season, so even repeat guests are bound to find new petrifying parts of the house.

One of the coolest elements of Exit 13 is their smell effects! Throughout your journey, you’ll take a whiff of different smells that will help you feel immersed in your experience. Just don’t blame us if some of them smell a little unpleasant…it is a haunted house, after all!




Niles, Michigan

If you’re in search of a true scare, Niles Scream Park is one of the best haunted houses in Michigan.

The park has 44 acres of fear and six different areas. The Niles Haunted House is their most famous, and has over 100 different paths to explore. If you wanted to see everything, it would take at least seven trips to this MI haunted house! They change their theme yearly, and 2021’s will tackle your worst nightmares.

If you’re looking for a unique haunted house near me, Niles Scream Park’s Nuclear Nightmare will give you a fright that might hit a little closer to home than you think. In this area, you’re the survivor of a nuclear fallout after countries warred to conquer each other. To survive, you’ll have to venture out into the nuclear wasteland, where the streets are full of nuclear-infected victims. Will you be able to survive the radiation?

Another favorite is The Field of Screams, a series of outdoor mazes that you’ll have to escape. You’ll have to pass through a bayou, a lakeside village full of cannibals, a massive cemetery, and an abandoned carnival before you can take a deep breath and relax. Other attractions include the Gruesome Gallery, a wax museum brought to life, and a Haunted Hay Ride with over 40 sets.

If you’re feeling adventurous, they offer Hooded, their most extreme attraction in this haunted house in Michigan. You’ll be blindfolded and blinded throughout the entire experience. Plus, the actors can touch you, so you’re bound to jump out of your skin! The company even says that they give no refunds if you get too frightened to finish, so scaredy cats need not apply.

There’s one more unique thing about this haunted house: their workers scare for charity! They’re a non-profit community project that allows volunteers to pick a charity and suit up in a costume. In 2020, they raised over $109,000!




Jackson, Michigan

Jackson’s Underworld is a four-story haunted house in Michigan. One of their most famous visitors is Alice Cooper, so you know the scares are top notch.

The experience centers around phobias like heights, disorientation, and claustrophobia. Their actors go 110% to make sure that everyone gets their best Halloween chills, and they have enough experience to know what works for each guest.

One reviewer wrote about this haunted house Michigan, “Without a doubt, this is the best scary haunted house experience. The place is huge and not one square inch has gone without some type of attention.”

Most of the details of their house are secret and they pride themselves on changing their exhibits every year, but you’ll be anxious to learn about their rooms dedicated to clowns and roaches. Yikes!

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