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Indianapolis, Indiana

Want a night full of fright? Look no further than Hanna Haunted Acres!

This amazing haunted Indiana haunted house park has a whopping total of six attractions for guests to walk (or run for their lives) through. Their crowning achievement is The Haunted Hayride, where guests are pulled by a tractor in a wagon. You don’t get to set your own pace, which means you can’t escape its most frightening moments. Some of the nightmarish creatures will try to take you back to the woods or follow you, so keep your eyes peeled!


Blood Barn makes you the cattle in this stellar attraction. The red barn holds grisly sights and the foul stench of leftover bodies that will make your palms sweat. You’ll have to run to make sure you’re not next on the menu!

Check out Freakshow, an amazing experience with a sinister tale. A humiliated makeup artist at the carnival was wronged, so he got his hands on chemicals, which he released into the atmosphere, turning everyone into wide-eyed laughing psychopaths. Their teeth are grotesquely enlarged, their eyes bloodshot red and yellow, and their bodies amazingly slender and disgusting. Will you be next?

In addition to these areas, you can check out Undead, Horror Fields, and their newest exhibit, Descension in this Indianapolis haunted house. Check them out if you dare!




Jamestown, Indiana

Indiana Fear Farm has been open for 18 years, and it features the state’s favorite haunted hayride. This haunted house near me will elicit screams, tears, and tons of jumpscares!

The site’s premier attraction is their Haunted Hayride, which has been entertaining visitors from the beginning. It’s updated every year to ensure you’re on the edge of your seat over and over again! This 20-minute heart-pounding ride goes into the dark forest at KD Farm, and there’s a chance you’ll never escape… It’s packed with monsters, stunts, and even explosions! Over 50 actors will come at you from every angle, including the Headless Horseman!

This haunted house in Indiana also features their famous Haunted Barn. It contains over 40 actors who are ready to scare the pants off of you! They’ll interact with you up close and personal, and you’ll never be the same. This high action haunted barn isn’t recommended for young children or people with heart conditions. Can you handle it?




Seymour, Indiana

Fear Fair contains some of the most uniquely-themed haunted houses in Indiana. If you’re looking for scares you can’t find anywhere else, you’ve come to the right place!

Rockford Riot takes a prison theme to new heights. Rockford Correctional Facility houses some of the most demented inmates in the country. Since they have no chance of release, they’re experimented on, exploited, and treated cruelly by the guards. Sick of their fate, the prisoners riot and seize control of the prison. It’s their world now, and you’re at the mercy of their depravity…

The area called Ramses’ Wrath brings chills through Egyptian history. When he died, the body and soul of Ramses II, the greatest of Egypt’s pharaohs, were sealed away to rest. That is, until archaeologists, hungry for fame, glory, and gold, unearthed his final resting place. Now the curses placed on the tomb are coming to pass, and none who enter his sacred tomb shall be spared. Can you make it out alive?

Next is Leveau’s Curse, a New Orleans-themed haunted house. In folklore, the dead don’t ever truly die, and residents whisper about human sacrifice, disappearances, and strange screams that come from the swamp at night. Dark secrets and ancient magic are waiting for you behind every corner. Beg the spirits for protection as you enter this visceral attraction, which will change the way you think about the city forever!

Check out Ancient Evil, which brings you deep into the catacombs. The bones of sinners and saints alive line the walls, but within dwells a dark death cult! Exiles roam the chambers, feral and mindless from the cult’s torment. Why are the cultists here, and who do they pray to? You’ll have to enter to find out…

Fear Fair is the most award-winning haunted house in Indiana, and it’s been featured in USA Today’s Ten Best Extreme Haunted Attractions. It depicts scenes of violence that may be unsuitable for children under the age of 13. Parental supervision is advised.




Lake Station, Indiana

Haunted Hills Hospital is one of Chicagoland’s premier haunted attractions. Enter if you dare!

This hospital holds the most psychotic patients that were too evil for a normal mental facility. Plus, they’ve been experimented on by the nefarious Truman corporation, increasing their appetite and vigor. You’ll need to face the craziest inmates and discover what secrets lie in this Indiana haunted house. Will you make it out…or will you become the newest patient? If you’re looking for even more fear, you can walk through the attraction while it’s completely pitch black with only a glow stick for light!

In addition to their haunted house IN, this scare park has introduced Mayhem Midway, a place with a spooky atmosphere and lots of fun. They offer Asylum Axe Throwing so you’re ready to take on the patients in the main house. The Chamber is a five-minute escape room that asks you to solve puzzles and figure out clues before the gas comes in and ends your life! Plus, they offer tarot card readings, a live DJ, and ghoulish photo ops, perfect for the Halloween season.

Haunted Hills Hospital has consistently been rated as Indiana’s #1 haunted house. It was listed as one of the Top 3 Haunted Attractions in America by The Scare Factor, and it was rated as one of the top 10 haunted attractions in Chicagoland by Haunted House Chicago. Enter this haunted house near me at your own risk!

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