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Maize, Kansas

Field of Screams Kansas is the state’s premier haunted attraction. This Wichita haunted house is only about a 20-minute drive to the city, and visitors come from all over, including places like Kansas City and Oklahoma City. Will you follow in their footsteps?

During your Field of Screams experience, you’ll walk through the haunted grounds of the Spurlock family’s estate. The Spurlocks were not your typical family; they were more like a cult. It’s rumored that the patriarch, Jeb Spurlock, was polygamous and had multiple wives, which helped him gain more children and power. Neighbors reported screams and wild laughter at all hours of the night, and their fields looked unkempt and sick, like they had been cursed.


One day, a young boy who was dared to enter the Spurlock family’s grounds disappeared. The police questioned the Spurlocks, but couldn’t find any evidence of foul play. The townspeople were outraged, and decided that they wanted justice of their own…

One night, vigilantes swarmed the Spurlock farm, but they were quickly overrun by the family. They massacred the vigilantes and did horrible things with their bodies, like beheading them with chainsaws and stuffing their bodies with corn and grass like scarecrows. Before police could arrest the Spurlocks, they vanished from the town.

Now, visitors can wander through the grounds where this bloody massacre took place. Your walk through the Field of Screams will take you through towering sorghum fields, unruly forests, dark twisting trenches, and terrifying tunnels. You can even see the horrifying Spurlock workshops where the most unspeakable acts were carried out.

You can also enter Clown Town, which has been populated by spooky clown demons that are out for blood. You’ll venture through chaotic mazes and experience dizzying 3D effects. Can you survive the clowns?

In addition, you can check out the mini escape rooms in this Wichita haunted house. Jeb’s Shack will let you investigate Jebediah Spurlock’s original home, and you’ll only have 15 minutes to solve his maniacal puzzles and escape. In The Seance Room, you’ll communicate with spirits and solve special effects and clever puzzles to attempt to escape. Will you live to see another day?

Field of Screams Kansas has great reviews on Kansas Haunted Houses, and this haunted house in KS has been in operation for over 16 seasons. Are you brave enough to face the Spurlock farm alone?




Atchinson, Kansas

The Sallie House is definitely the most haunted house in KS. It’s visited by hundreds every year, and it’s available for both daytime and overnight stays. Do you believe in the paranormal? If you don’t, you might by the end of your stay…

The Sallie House was the home of a physician from Atchison, Kansas. The front served as an office space and examination rooms, while the doctor and his family lived upstairs. One day, a frantic mother arrived at the doctor’s home with her six-year-old daughter Sallie, who had collapsed from severe abdominal pain. The doctor diagnosed her with appendicitis and knew he couldn’t delay surgery. Afraid her appendix would soon burst, he began cutting into Sallie before the anesthesia took full effects. Sallie screamed until she suddenly stopped and grew pale and limp. She died on the operating table, and her last memories were of a man who she believed was torturing her…

A young couple bought the KS haunted house in 1993, and the paranormal activity started. Their dog would growl at nothing, fires broke out in the house, and a series of sinister attacks on the husband began. Objects would visibly move when the husband drew near, and he could feel scratches on his chest and abdomen.

Since then, paranormal investigators and visitors to the house have experienced moving objects, unexplained scratches or bruises, physical touches, video equipment not working, and mysterious coldness.

Now, you can stay overnight in the Sallie House or spend an hour there alone during the day. Both are bound to send chills up your spine, but do you think you could handle the ghosts for a full night?

The Sallie House is one of the most famous haunted attractions in the world. It’s received coverage on several television shows, including Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, and Paranormal Witness. Investigators have gathered a great deal of evidence, and skeptics have turned into believers at this haunted house near me. Care to step inside?




Atchinson, Kansas

Looking for a real Kansas haunted house near me? You’ve found the right place!

The Haunted McInteer Villa is one of the most picturesque homes in Atchinson, Kansas. However, what lurks inside is not nearly as beautiful… There have been nine documented deaths by natural causes on the property, as well as one suicide.

There has been an extensive history of paranormal activity at this location. Lights will turn on and off in the tower, which does not have electricity. Figures can be seen in the windows when no one is at home. Boxes move right before people’s very eyes, and things are thrown off the counter. The rocking chair that a resident named Goldie died in will rock back and forth on its own.

Footsteps will walk down the hallway on the second floor in the middle of the night, and many people say that they feel like they’re being watched up there. Items will move from one location to another and doorknobs will turn on their own. You might smell phantom smells like a powdery women’s perfume or a hint of cigarette smoke. People have even heard male and female voices, and a shadow person has been seen a few times.

You can stay overnight to have your own spooky experiences at The Haunted McInteer Villa. You and your guests will be able to explore every nook and cranny of the house and decide whether you believe the spirits are really there in this haunted house KS…

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