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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world. It housed some of America’s most notorious lawbreakers, including bank robber “Slick Willie” Sutton and Al Capone. Today it stands in ruins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a visit.

During Halloween season, the prison throws a Halloween festival of epic proportions. There are 15 attractions located in the cell blocks of the penitentiary, including two haunted houses. The first is Machine Shop. It is hidden away from the rest of the world, and evil pervades the space. Will you survive or become another cog in the machine?


The other haunted house in Pennsylvania is called The Crypt. Its creatures request your presence… You’ll need to wade through the mist, into the lair of an ancient clan of vampires. They’ve already set the dinner table, but watch out, or you might end up on their menu!

In addition to the frightful sights you’ll see in their spooky attractions, many believe that this structure is actually haunted. Lots of visitors say they see shadowy figures, hear footsteps and whispers, and feel the hair on the back of their neck stand up or their bodies get cold. The site was featured on several paranormal TV shows like Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted Live, and Ghost Hunters. Are you ready to face real paranormal entities in this haunted prison?

The Halloween festival and Philadelphia haunted house also offers other attractions for people who aren’t looking to be too scared. Delirium is an immersive walkthrough that will take you to a parallel, neon universe on a mind-altering trip. Take 13 is an Old Hollywood-themed walkthrough, where the stars’ ghosts walk the halls.

There are also several themed speakeasies, bars, and lounges. A speakeasy at Al Capone’s cell is a unique experience you won’t want to miss. You can also get a drink at The Bloodline Lounge, staffed by vampires! Plus, there are historical experiences and live shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat.




Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Bates Motel is one of the most notable creepy locations in the United States. It was listed as one of the top haunted houses near me for Philadelphia residents in 2019 by CNN Travel, so you know it’s bound to scare!

Their main attraction is Bates Motel, which boasts that it’s the most incredible display of terror and mayhem this side of Hollywood. It’s filled with high tech special effects, lighting, custom animatronic props, and a digital soundtrack. It’s guaranteed to wow even the most experienced expert on haunted houses in Pennsylvania.

The Haunted Hayride at Arasapha Farm has been scaring visitors for over 30 years! It’s been featured as the #1 haunted attraction in America by USA Today and the Travel Channel, so buckle your seatbelts. This 25-minute walking trail features jaw-dropping Hollywood sets, including amazing props, digital FX, great actors, and amazing pyrotechnics. Check out their huge insane asylum, New England church, and 200-foot long cave!

A Philadelphia haunted house isn’t complete without a creepy corn maze, and Bates Motel doesn’t disappoint! As you walk through this tall corn field, you’ll find stunning sets, tons of animatronic monsters, and over 30 actors. What evil awaits you? Is someone watching you around the next turn?




Tarentum, Pennsylvania

ScareHouse is one of the best haunted houses near me for people who live in Pittsburgh. It’s only about 30 minutes away from the heart of the city, so you won’t have to go far.

This haunted house is packed with more clowns, demons, and mutants than ever before, including their fans’ favorite characters. They’ve been in operation for over two decades, but their new facility has allowed them to make their spooky areas longer and larger.

ScareHouse is located inside a shopping mall, but don’t let that fool you. It’s one of the spookiest attractions out there! Don’t believe us? Check out this video of all of their satisfied (aka terrified) customers!

This attraction has been featured on Good Morning America, Travel Channel, Buzzfeed, and many more. Elijah Wood from Lord of the Rings said, “Some of the best haunts I’ve ever seen!” Don’t miss out on this Pittsburgh haunted house!




Spring City, Pennsylvania

Looking for a haunted house PA that’s actually filled with ghosts? You’ve come to the right place!

During the Halloween season, PennHurst Asylum transforms into a haunted attraction. Their main area is the PennHurst Asylum, which is home to some of the world’s most criminally insane. You’ll visit the Maximum Security Wing, filled with some of the most dangerous patients. Will you make it out without having to be committed yourself?

The Morgue takes you to the underbelly of the asylum, where you’ll navigate through the depths of death and decay. From draining blood to incinerating bodies, it’s a full-service mortuary. However, the staff is not as they appear…

You can also check out The Tunnels, which take you through a 1,200 foot long gauntlet underneath the PennHurst complex. This government facility remained hidden underground for decades so they could experiment on humans in the most inhumane ways possible. Will you be their next lab rat?

In addition, you can get more realistic scares by going on one of their authentic paranormal investigations. On their overnight ghost hunt, you’ll have access to real paranormal equipment provided by PennHurst, or you can bring your own. You’ll arrive at 6:30 p.m. and won’t leave the premises until 1 a.m. That’s plenty of time to see a real ghost with your own two eyes!

If you’re a little too squeamish, you can also take a daytime tour of the property to learn about its history. But isn’t being frightened just way too much fun?

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