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Moundsville, West Virginia

Are you ready to become a patient at one of the most haunted penitentiaries in the country?

West Virginia Penitentiary is an imposing Gothic structure that looms over the land around it. It first opened in 1876 and closed in 1995, more than 100 years later. It’s seen riots and fires over its tenure, and nearly 100 prisoners were executed there, either by hanging or electrocution.


Today, this haunted house in WV is a hotspot for real paranormal activity. There are a wide variety of tours that you can take to get a full experience in this prison. For people who are a little skittish, you can start out with a Guided Day Tour. If you want to do a full paranormal investigation, you can attend a Public Ghost Hunt. You’ll take a 90-minute guided tour of the facility, then spend the rest of your six hours in the jail hunting for ghosts! If you want to experience this all yourself, try the Private Paranormal Investigation.

During the Halloween season, West Virginia Penitentiary rises to the next level. They have a haunted house attraction at the jail that will chill you to the bone. You can take a nightmarish trip through their Dungeon of Horrors, a haunted house attraction with special effects and actors. Before you can escape, you’ll become a witness to murder, decapitation, and suffocation… Do you dare to enter? You can also take the North Walk, a flashlight tour of some of the most haunted parts of the prison.

In addition, check out Escape the Penn, one of the spookiest escape room games in the country. In a surprising move, the Governor of West Virginia has ordered a one-hour stay of execution for an inmate at the prison. Inmate Lefty Lafferty was scheduled to be put to death today, but the governor allegedly received new information just hours ago. An anonymous tip sent by fax listed details of the crime Lefty is charged with containing details that only the killer could have known. A special investigative team is sent to the penitentiary to investigate. The execution has been halted for one hour…can you figure out who did the crime before the timer runs out?

There are infinite ways to be frightened at this West Virginia haunted house. Are you up for the challenge?




Winfield, West Virginia

Haunted houses and escape rooms and rides, oh my!

Fear on the Farm is one of the most intense haunted houses in Charleston, West Virginia. Your journey will start with two haunted houses. Bloody Mary’s Labyrinth of Lost Souls will take you into the comic books of Tales of Bloody Mary. As the pages unfold, you’ll travel into this haunted house. Bloody Mary will torment your mind and drive you to the brink of insanity. You’ll enter her own hell, and her demons will try to keep you there for all eternity. Will you be another tale of Bloody Mary?

You can also experience the Mysterious Mansion, a virtual reality experience unlike any other. This residence has been around since the early 1900s, and it’s haunted by many apparitions. There were several murders in this house, and tormented souls have been left behind. You’ll take a tour of the Mysterious Mansion…or what’s left of it, anyway.

Next, check out Fear on the Farm’s escape rooms. You can start out easy with 3 Minutes of Die. Even though this escape room only lasts three minutes, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to get your heart pumping! If you don’t solve the puzzles quickly, a crazy man will blow your head off with a shotgun. Will you avoid your imminent death?

If you’re ready for a bigger challenge, enter Miners Revenge, their 3-minute escape game. In 1974, there was an accident at the Slaughter Mountain Mine. Legend goes it was caused by miners who were working, a prank gone wrong in an attempt to haze Leroy, the team’s newest addition. After trapping their coworker in the corner of the mine, the five remaining went back to work. They didn’t know that the explosion would cause an avalanche, causing rocks and rubble to kill Leroy. Shortly after his death, the five who were trapped with him in the mine began to disappear…one by one… It’s rumored that Leroy still roams the mine, waiting to take anyone who enters. You and your friends have decided to check out the mine, trapping yourself. Will you solve all of the puzzles to escape…or will you meet Leroy?

Ready to make your way to the rides? Experience The Last Ride, a motion-simulated coffin ride to your grave. You’ll lay on your back in the pitch black while you hear sounds, feel movements, and smell the roses, dirt, and decay. The Cockney Gravediggers will load you into their hearse and take you on a wild ride to the gravesite. They’ll place you in a hole and shovel in the dirt until all you hear is silence. That’s when the creepy crawlies attack! Just before you think all hope is lost, you’ll be welcomed back into the real world. One of the coolest parts is that your loved ones can see your true terror on the Casket Cam! This haunted house in Charleston will also let you go into The Crypt, which is a similar experience but with a friend.

Fear on the Farm is a cool, spooky place to visit all year round. They host a Vampire Ball, where you can dress as a vampire…or as dinner! There are DJs, and the Count and Countess are crowned. You can also go to Zombie Prom, where you can get spooky prom pictures, tarot card readings, and listen to the DJ spin tunes. Could there be anything scarier…and more fun? Also regularly throughout the year, they host Zombie Paintball, an outdoor night time laser tag experience. Will you kill the zombies or become one yourself? The best way to treat yourself to a night out is this haunted house in WV!

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