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Denver, Colorado

Looking for a haunted house CO compound where you can go again and again? 13th Floor Haunted House Denver is the place for you!

This Denver haunted house Colorado has three main attractions that are bound to send shivers up your spine. First, you have Frost-Bite, which takes place in a state-of-the-art cryogenics lab that has just had a breakthrough in reanimating the dead. Their new technology brings life back to the deceased, and they’ve been thawed out of their frozen state. Their minds are blank, but scientists have been able to control these super humans by implanting a microchip into their brains. For a long time, awakened test subjects were used to help with daily hacks. That is, until someone hacked into the mainframe and turned the mindless humans into absolutely lethal killing machines. Will you be frozen in your tracks, or can you make it out alive?


Next, you can check out The Dollmaker. A scary house at the end of the street has been sitting abandoned after its owner, the dollmaker, passed away. What remains is his extensive collection of Victorian dolls, which cover every inch of every room. Before the dollmaker passed, he placed every one exactly where he wanted them to reside. If they’re disrupted, he promises to inhabit the dolls and defend his life’s work…even in death. Enter this haunted house in Colorado at your own risk, especially if you can’t stand dolls!

Lastly, you have Bad Blood. Here, vampires and werewolves are fighting about an ancient feud, which rages within the shadows of the city streets. These beasts have remained hidden from humans…but not anymore. A recent uprising has turned the city into a living nightmare of snarling fangs, spilled blood, and absolute chaos. Anyone caught between the pack of werewolves on wheels or the mob of skate park vampires is bound to meet their end. Watch out for their teeth!

In addition to the CO haunted house near me, 13th Floor Haunted House Denver has a lot to offer. Class Axe Throwing will prepare you for any ghouls you meet in real life, and you can also play a game that’s a combination between bowling and corn hole called Football Bowling. They also have an on-site bar with a variety of spooky cocktails and drafts for the 21 and over crowd!

Enjoy your night here…because it might be the last one of your life!




Thornton, Colorado

Haunted Field of Screams is the largest haunted house in Colorado. It’s located behind the famously haunted Riverdale Road in Thornton, so you might see something truly paranormal! This iconic 40-acre corn field will prey on your innermost fears…are you ready?

Riverdale Road is considered the most haunted road in Colorado. According to legend, a man went mad and burned down his mansion on the road with his family trapped inside. This haunted house CO was left in ashes, and the only thing remaining was the iron gates, which many think are now the gates to Hell itself.

Since then, locals have reported evil beings roaming the road looking for their next victim. In recent years, claims have been made that evil rituals and human sacrifices have been made at the gates, which coincide with disappearances in the area. It’s rumored that the gatherers, disguised as scarecrows, come out to hunt their victims. Will you be next?

Haunted Field of Screams offers an extensive corn field with multiple haunted houses to explore. The haunted house near me is remodeled every year, so things are always fresh, shiny, and new. This Colorado Springs haunted house is located only about an hour and a half from the city, so it’s the perfect Halloween road trip. USA Today named it one of the best haunted attractions in the US in 2019, so what are you waiting for?




Denver, Colorado

The Frightmare Compound is one of the oldest haunted houses in Colorado! It’s been open for over 38 years, but don’t think that makes it outdated. They update the attraction with new scares every year, so you never know what you’ll find here.

Brad Holder, the founder of The Frightmare Compound, made the grounds of the haunted house his final resting place. Visitors say they have seen his ghost, but nothing has been proven. Don’t be surprised if you enter and see an actual ghost of the man who made all of this magic happen!

This Denver haunted house CO has something for the entire family. In addition to walking through their huge haunted attraction, you can enter the Monster Museum. When you’re running through a haunted house, you rarely have the guts to turn around and see who (or what) is chasing you. At this museum, you can look at some of the intricate costumes and props that are used at The Frightmare Compound up close and personal. The area also has a gift shop, so you can celebrate entering this spooky compound all year long.

One of the coolest parts of this experience is their mini escape rooms. Here, you’ll test your problem solving skills and wit while you attempt to get out of a room filled with terrors. There are four themed rooms to choose from…or you can do them all! The first is The Freezer. You’ll win a trip to Big Al’s meat cellar, but you’ll soon find out that the meat on his menu is you! You’ll need to escape quickly to avoid being the next cut of prime rib. You can also check out The Boiler Room, where you’re the newest victim of a Denver serial killer. You wake up in an empty room with your friends and neighbors, and need to find a way out before the killer returns. In addition, come back and try two other rooms: The Plane Wreck and The Hearse Body Drop.

Ready to play a game? Come to The Frightmare Compound…and stay a while…maybe the rest of your short life!

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