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La Vista, Nebraska

Want a Nebraska haunted house that will make you sleep with the lights on after you visit? Haunted Hollow Scream Park is the place!

This scream park is filled with 10 haunted attractions that are sure to make your blood run cold. First, you’ll visit the main Haunted House, which supposedly houses the restless soul of the home’s architect. The home was built in 1880, and its original owner died inside from a brain tumor. It’s since become one of the most active paranormal sites in Nebraska. Multiple spirits have been identified in the dwelling, and you might just get to contact them!


Next is the Barn Maze. Years have passed since anyone went into the old corn barn…do you dare to enter? Children used to run and play around this old barn, but it now sits lifeless and quiet until late at night. Rumor has it that you can hear sinister sounds coming from the barn… There’s also the Cabin in the Woods, where the most unspeakable acts took place. Can you steady yourself as the walls spin around you?

You can visit the site of the Nebraska Chainsaw Massacre. Many years ago, a madman broke into an isolated Nebraska farmhouse and he found a chainsaw among the tools. Without hesitation, he used the mighty weapon to slaughter everyone on the farm. There was a statewide manhunt, but no one ever found the killer. Did he actually leave? You can also visit the attraction Alone. You’ll be able to visit most areas of the park with your group of family and friends…but not here. When you enter, you’ll be completely cut off from the outside world. Can you handle it?

The other haunted houses near me housed in the scream park include Freak Show, Tarot, Swamp, Whack Shack, and the Micheal Meyers House. Looking for even more entertainment? Haunted Hollow Scream Park also hosts events throughout the season, like a traveling circus and musical performers from a wide variety of genres. Step right up!




Omaha, Nebraska

Museum of Shadows is one of the most haunted museums in the world, and it’s located right in Omaha, Nebraska!

This haunted house near me is located on two levels of a four-story building, and it houses over 3,000 haunted artifacts from all over the world! Visitors have reported being physically touched, seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices, children laughing, running, and much more. Poltergeist activity has even been caught on their security cameras!

Museum of Shadows has been featured on Discovery +, Travel Channel, Destination America, TheHauntist, Highlight Hollywood, Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes (TAPS) & JV Johnson, Paranormal Caught on Camera, Fright Club with Jack Osborn and The Ghost Brothers, Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader, and more! Get your piece of the spooky action!




Eagle, Nebraska

Eagle Hollow Haunts is one of the best haunted houses in Nebraska! They have three main attractions for guests to explore, and any one could be your last…

First is Luminon, an alien world. It was found when scientists discovered a ripple in space time that made it possible to travel there. The planet of Luminon resembles a tropical location on Earth in the middle of the day, but at night, you can witness the bioluminescence and light radiation that gives the planet its beautiful, glowing scenery. The first visitors to this planet found that the nocturnal creatures were very hostile, and several explorers were lost to the wilderness. Now, a resort has been created just for tourists to keep them safe. You should be okay there…right?

The Darklands are the next stop on your haunted house journey. You’ll follow a ¾ mile long walking path through the unknown. It ends at a gateway, the last protection from the dark and evil things lurking on the other side. If you keep walking you might be able to find your way back to the normal world…but the chances are small.

The last Nebraska haunted house is called Night Terrors. Poor young Penny kept telling her parents that there were monsters in her bedroom, but they thought it was just usual child night terrors. But one night, she vanished from her room. Now, Penny has found herself trapped in her dreams with no way out. You can visit Penny’s night terrors, where you’ll delve into the surreal fears of her subconscious. Will you be able to wake up?

If you need a break from all of the fright, you can visit their concession stand or stand by the fire pit. You can even do Scary-oke with your friends! This haunted house in NE was recently rated as one of the top haunted locations by Scary Overload, so don’t miss it!




Elkhorn, Nebraska

Camp Fear is one of the most unique haunted houses in NE. You won’t just visit the spooky setting for a few hours…you can sleep there!

This haunted attraction lets you and your group camp at their park for the night. While you’re there, you can check out their haunted areas and participate in their escape rooms. But once it starts to get dark and it’s time to go to sleep, you’ll encounter some scary creatures who want you gone! Can you make it through the night?

Camp Fear also offers Nightmare Theater, which plays horror movies on a big screen that you can watch in front of a fire pit. Each night, they play three movies to get your blood pumping, including some new selections like Spiral and A Quiet Place 2. The spooky atmosphere will keep you terrified all night!

Camp Fear has been named the scariest haunted attraction in Nebraska by Cosmopolitan, and The Scare Factor rated it one of their top five haunted houses in the state. Care to spend the night?

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