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Green Bay, Wisconsin

Terror on the Fox is one of the most unique Wisconsin haunted houses. Get ready to walk into your scariest nightmares!

Terror on the Fox has three haunted attractions that guests can choose from. First, take a ride on the Terror Train. You’ll board and head to Fox River, where you’re bound to run into all sorts of ghastly creatures.


Once you’ve reached the scariest part of the park, you can make your way to The Boogeyman. Most kids have trouble escaping the fear of something supernatural lurking in their bed or closet. Everything is scarier in the dark, after all. But what if the monster in the dark was real, and believing in him makes him stronger? Generations of the past were telling the truth about these monsters, but no one believed them. Now, you’ll experience the tale of the Jensen family massacre on Blackthorn Drive. Was The Boogeyman involved?

You can also go to The Spirit of Halloween. When summer ends and the leaves turn brown, it’s said that a veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. The witch of these woods has cast a spell to summon the spirits of the underworld so they can cross over. They’ll take the form of various objects in the town, including the Halloween decorations. The witch commands her army of crops and flesh to seek out revenge on the people who casted her out. Will you survive her wrath?

While you’re at Terror on the Fox, you can also visit their escape room, Fight for Your Life. A catastrophic plague has poisoned you and your team, and you only have five minutes to find the antidote to cure the disease. Will you escape with your life?

These attractions are some of the creepiest in all of Wisconsin. Do you dare step inside?




Stoughton, Wisconsin

Screamin’ Acres Haunted Houses has four haunted attractions all included in one ticket price!

First, check out Slaughterhaus, a local meat processing facility that has always brought the most delicious cuts to the local market. All was well, until the facility began an expansion. Workers found a plastic chemical tote with an extremely powerful odor radiating out of the liquid leaking from a hole. The entire crew was near the tote when it fell six feet to the ground, spilling the contents everywhere. Everyone got wet from the mysterious liquid, and they started coughing uncontrollably. Their saliva began turning black, their eyes grew bloodshot, and their demeanor entirely changed. Their veins were fueled by blackened blood and their skin flushed vile shades of yellow and gray. They were no longer the jolly crew of butchers they once were… Now, this band of vicious, bloodthirsty killers are waiting for anyone to make them a fresh cut of meat!

Next, enter Crawl Space. A doomsday prepper was working to build an elaborate DIY bunker system under his home in the countryside. Upon excavation, he noticed a powerful odor coming from a strange chemical that appeared to be leaking from above. He halted excavation in that sector of his tunnels but the fumes grew stronger. He eventually began to spend more time underground, turning his tunnel systems into more of a den than a doomsday solution. Eventually, he stopped coming out entirely, allowing for his surface property to become dilapidated and overgrown. The man was presumed missing and his property was foreclosed on and sold to new owners. Well, aren’t they in for a surprise?

You can also make your way to The Last Resort in this haunted house in Milwaukee. A former Nazi who specialized in chemical warfare was pardoned and lived alone in an old house in the countryside as he grew old. Eventually, his demons came back to haunt him. His days of isolation grew long, and he tried to cover his tracks by burying his chemical creations throughout the surrounding farmland and woods. Growing mad with insanity, he developed hallucinations and began to see his tortured victims. The dark shadows of his home were now full of the people he once hurt. His visions came to an end when he was found dead in his home. Years slipped by and he was forgotten. However, he hasn’t left, and his evil has only just begun. His voice is still heard chaotically yelling throughout the house. Can you escape him?

Screamin’ Acres Haunted Houses also has two new attractions coming soon: Side Effects, a 3D experience, and DEATHTRAP, which looks to amp horror to new levels. Don’t miss out!




Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Old legends from the Wisconsin Dells tell of ancient canyons buried deep in the rocky banks of the Wisconsin River. Dark things haunt the passageways and shadows move in the moonlight. What lurks inside? You can only find out by hitching a ride on the Dells Ghost Boat!

As dusk falls on the river at this haunted house in WI, you’ll climb aboard the boat that will ply the black waters on the way to the haunted canyon. During this creepy moonlit cruise, you’ll hear the legend of Whiskey Jack and his old mining settlement, which gave the canyon its terrible reputation.

Your boat will then dock in an ancient grotto, and you’ll continue the quest for answers on foot! You’ll go through a primeval forest into the dark, winding recesses of the canyon. Guests will find the source of the terrifying stories, from the not so abandoned ruins of the mining town to the ultimate fate of Whiskey Jack. However, some secrets don’t like to be uncovered.

During the fall, they offer Ghost Boat: Season of the Witch, an even spookier experience that is bound to leave you screaming. You’ll never forget this terrifying experience…as long as you come back…

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