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Plant City, Florida

Want to attend a scare park that’s rated one of the #1 Florida haunted houses? Check out Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail.

This Halloween attraction features three haunted trails that are guaranteed to send shivers up your spine. The first is called Captain’s Fury. The story of the trail follows a young fishing captain named Captain Willem Jonah who was soon to marry the love of his life, Abigail. However, he was sent back out to sea for work. His ship faltered in an unexpected storm, and the captain and his crew were believed to be lost at sea forever. Deep in mourning, Abigail jumped to her death from a lighthouse. Many moons later, an eerie fog rolled into the town, and reports of mysterious murders and tragic deaths began to swirl. While some claimed that the incidents were caused by the ghost of Abigail, the old timers in the village knew the truth: the captain had returned from the sea. He now wants to take wrath on the village where he lost everything, and he’s brought back some of his crew to carry out his revenge. Will you join him in his watery grave?


If you’re not too freaked out yet, you can travel to the Night Marrow trail. In a small world, graves were being dug up and left empty. During an investigation, a constable discovered that the saw mill owner had been robbing graves and feasting on the bones! In the basement of his home, he was building a throne from the stolen bones. An angry mob captured him and were determined to hang him. In his last words, he vowed to return and avenge his death, and as soon as the noose dropped, a flock of ravens descended on his body and feasted on the flesh. Now, every Halloween, he rises from the depths of darkness and returns to the town. With the help of his loyal ravens, he hunts down the living to exact his revenge. Will you be another bone in his throne?

Lastly, you can walk along the Blood Masquerade trail in this Florida haunted house near me. The wealthy family that lives here believe they carry a secret lineage and are direct descendants of Vlad the Impaler. In honor of their daughter coming of age—and to feed their hunger—they are throwing a grand masquerade ball. They lure guests into the cellar, then trap them and use a variety of homemade devices to siphon blood from their victims. Tucked away in the deepest parts of the cellar is a beastly creature who feeds on the remains of the drained victims. Can you avoid becoming their next meal?

In addition to these elaborate spooky trails, this haunted house in FL offers laser tag and an escape game. It’s also been featured by Expedition Theme Park and HauntWorld. Are you brave enough to take a walk with death?




Jacksonville, Florida

13th Floor Haunted House Jacksonville comes from a long line of haunted houses near me with the same name in places like Chicago, Denver, San Antonio, and Houston. This location has unique haunted attractions that will keep you on edge during your entire walkthrough.

They have three themed haunted houses in FL that will make you scream. First, visit Dead in the Water, which features a sunken riverboat ship haunted by high society aristocrats and dangerous gamblers. Will you swim…or sink to the bottom of the ocean?

You can also check out Bad Blood. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a feud between werewolves and vampires. However, there’s a twist. The werewolves are a motorcycle gang, and the vampires are skate punks! Can you survive these ruthless creatures?

Lastly, prepare yourself for The Dollmaker. A creepy old man filled his house with Victorian dolls he made and restored. Before he died, he placed them all exactly where he wanted them. If someone dares to disturb them now, his spirit will enact its revenge! Don’t end up stuck behind glass in this terrifying walkthrough!

While you’re there, you can enjoy mini escape games, axe throwing, and even a bar serving petrifying cocktails. If you’re looking for somewhere creepy to get your blood pumping, visit this Florida haunted house!




Altamonte Springs, Florida

Sick of being cooped up inside? Walk the haunted trails at A Petrified Forest Scare Trail in Altamonte Springs, Florida!

The legend of this area runs deep, and there’s one creature that the residents fear more than any other: The Wendigo. This Native American monster has caused a great deal of death and destruction in the area…and now it’s back.

There are three haunted trails to explore at this haunted house in Miami, a short day trip from the city. First, you’ll walk along Derailed and come aboard the Moonlight Express on its ill-fated maiden departure. The conductor, Cornelius Fisk, doomed the train by crossing the Wendigo’s land, causing a crash which allowed the wendigo to consume everyone on the train. Will you join the conductor and passengers in haunting the wreckage forever?

Next you’ll visit Sewn, where you’ll walk through the mind of the crazed artist Ida Steek. She was the daughter of taxidermists and was skilled with a needle herself. One day, she had the maddening urge to impress the Wendigo with her creations. Don’t become one of her freakish masterpieces!

Now you can check out Unleashed. You’ll enter the end of humanity and try to survive the wasteland of the apocalypse. If not deemed worthy, your body will be taken to feed the Wendigo, who rules over the land. Can you defeat it?

This Florida haunted house has been rated one of the #1 Halloween attractions in the state. They have one of the most unique themes in the haunted house game right now, and you’ll be running to try to escape the Wendigo. Do you dare to enter?

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