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Memphis, Tennessee

Looking for the best haunted house in Memphis? Step right up!

HauntedWeb Haunted Attraction features three haunted houses for the price of one. They return every fall bigger, scarier, and more intense than ever before, and this year is no exception! In their haunted house, you’ll experience terrifying environments, horrifying creatures, and blood-thirsty demons. Dare you to step inside!


Slotch Sanitarium is one of the location’s premier Tennessee haunted houses. When you step in, you’ll find that you’re a patient in a mental hospital. The staff is offering patients a new experimental procedure to treat the chronically ill, and you’re the guinea pig. Side effects are said to include panic attacks, crying, loss of breath, and involuntary bowel movements. Strap in for the shock therapy of your life!

Next, you’ll enter Voodoo Village. Groups venture into the Louisiana swamp, where they’ll try to escape the century-old voodoo curse that’s befallen Voodoo Village. To make your heroic escape, you’ll need to come face to face with some of the most powerful voodoo practitioners in an ancient cult that hopes to harm the city. Will you escape with your soul, or will it be stuck with the demonic whispers that haunt the unholy land of the damned?

You can also check out Web Falls Penitentiary. You’ve been sentenced to a long, scary term inside this prison, and the night guards will stop at nothing to instill fear in you. Can you overcome the darkness with your sanity, or will you black out from terror?

HauntedWeb Haunted Attraction also features A Christmas Haunt in December, where you can experience the darker side of the holiday. Who knows what evil Santa and Krampus have up their sleeves?

This haunted house in Memphis is bound to draw crowds, so buy your tickets today!




Nashville, Tennessee

Sick of haunted houses that can’t scare you? Beast House will cause even the toughest horror buff to run out screaming!

Unlike most haunted houses, very few people make it to the end. They’re not harmed…they’re just too scared to continue! Beast House is known as the Money Back Haunted House, which means you get your money back, if you can just make it through all three rounds. It might not seem that hard, but few complete the Beast Challenge in this haunted house TN.

In the Beast Challenge, you must sign a waiver and complete three rounds or tasks. You’ll need to Eat Something, Drink Something, and Do Something. You can quit at any time, but if you make it all the way through, you’ll have your money refunded and your picture put up on their website. People who quit and succeed alike will possibly be emotionally scarred forever, so buckle up!

A little too scared about what you would have to eat, drink, or do? The Beast Challenge is entirely optional, and you can enjoy this Nashville haunted house without it. You’ll still find creepy monsters and scary sights throughout the journey. You can also try the Beast Jump, in which you freefall from an actual roof without any cables, harnesses, or equipment. Jump at your own risk!

The Beast House is set in the still-standing portion of the original Isaac Kechem Mansion. Kechem’s family was found brutally murdered within these walls before Kechem committed suicide in 1897. This tour will show you a piece of Nashville history in an unmatched story of murder and betrayal. Step inside the mind of a ruthless killer…

Want to find the most extreme haunted house near me? Beast House is here to deliver!




Philadelphia, Tennessee

Dead Man’s Farm Haunted Attraction is the all-inclusive resort of horror. They have a wide variety of activities for guests to enjoy, and owners even advise that it might take more than one day to see everything!

Their biggest event is Bludgeon House. It’s based on the legend of The Bludgeon Family, who are allegedly a murderous, twisted, inbred, backwoods family who has been plumbing this Knoxville, Tennessee area for decades. They may have been responsible for hundreds of missing, tortured, and murdered victims. When the farm was foreclosed on, police found a gruesome scene of human corpses and disturbing, unspeakable creatures.

Now, you can step inside the Bludgeon House and experience these terrors for yourself. The house is designed to shock your senses, test your limits, and bring out your deepest fears, so get ready!

Of course, you can’t forget Clowns of the Corn in this haunted house near me, which includes five whole acres of terror! The maze is located near a railroad, where a circus train has derailed. It released a group of wild and crazed clowns wielding chainsaws into the maze. Can you get out before they have their fun with you?

You can visit the Midway for a variety of spooky experiences. Their most unique option is Buried Alive, their two person coffin simulator. You’ll choose between two scenarios: The Last Ride of Escape from Vlad’s Castle. You’ll then lay down in a coffin with a friend, and the staff will close the lid, so you’ll really feel like you’re trapped inside! While you’re in the pitch black, you’ll be able to hear the sounds, feel the movements, and even smell the roses, dirt, and decay. Can you handle many peoples’ worst nightmare of being buried alive?

In addition, you can play their virtual reality horror simulator, try to make your way through their four unique escape rooms, enjoy their concessions, or sit around the scare-free bonfire. You’ll never run out of things to do here!

Dead Man’s Farm Haunted Attraction has been named as a USA Today Best Haunted Attraction and voted best haunted house in TN by FrightFind. Are you brave enough to enter? Paranormal researchers have even said there are real ghosts on the property. What are you waiting for?

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