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Fort Worth, Texas

Hangman’s House of Horrors is located on a military base that’s over 100 years old. It was built as a helium production plant in the early 1910s, but many believe it’s actually a site that was used for top secret purposes. However, the documents are classified, so we may never know! What could have happened on these grounds?


This haunted house in Fort Worth, Texas features three attractions during the Halloween season. Their main haunted house is their largest, longest-running, and most popular area. It’s a 45-minute walk through that is featured around a local legend of a murderous man who hung people as his murderous weapon of choice. In the 1880s, Hezekiah Jones was accused of hanging and killing 120 people before locals took justice into their own hands and hanged him themselves. Folklore has it that 30,000 people have seen The Hangman in Fort Worth just last year, so maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of him!

Another smaller attraction is OUTBREAK!, where you’re chased by zombies! This is an equally intense area that you can experience while you wait for the main walk through. Don’t let them bite you, or you may never be the same again…

In addition, Hangman’s House of Horrors has introduced Escape Labs Mission Z, their newest attraction. It’s a cross between an escape room and a haunted house, creating a unique escape experience that has the best of both worlds. Can you outsmart the crazed military scientist while fighting against his ghoulish experiments gone wrong? This escape area gives you about 45 minutes to get out and is bound to test your knowledge, wits, and tolerance for fright!

Want to be scared on the most romantic day of the year? This haunted house in Fort Worth offers 50 Shades of Fear, a Valentine’s Day event like you’ve never seen before. They let their clowns loose into a giant maze of haunted rooms, and you’ll never know what direction they’re coming from! You can also enjoy a haunted dinner for two, where you can learn about the ghosts on the property. How romantic!

Hangman’s House of Horrors is definitely one of the best haunted houses in Texas. It has gotten attention from several media outlets, including The Dallas Morning News. Enter if you dare!




Austin, Texas

Your fears are lurking just around the corner at Haunted House of Torment, located in Austin, Texas.

This Texas haunted house offers two horrifying attractions that regularly leave people screaming and running from the building. The first is The Boogeyman, new for 2021. It’s normal for children to be scared of things under the bed or in the closet. We dismiss this fear…but what if they’re right, and there is a world outside of our own? What if the belief in The Boogeyman is what makes him real? The Boogeyman tells the fictional story of the Jensen family massacre on Blackthorn Drive, and it’s an experience you won’t forget!

Their second area is The Forsaken. You’ll enter a prison that’s ruled by the Queen of the Damned, who targets the most infamous and violent prisoners and keeps them tight in her grasp. Journey through the prison, including the machine shop, laundry room, and other various industrial spaces. Will you be able to escape this purgatory and make it out alive? Either way, the prisoners will have a bloody good time trying to catch you!

Looking for a great haunted house in Houston? They’re planning to announce more attractions soon to fill you with terror! You can also participate in their axe throwing opportunities, a unique option for all ages. Maybe it will give you an advantage when you face the horrors within this haunted house in TX!

This haunted house in Houston is great for a day trip from the city. It’s only about three hours away, and it’s in the buzzing metropolis of Austin! It was even featured on the Travel Channel. Hurry up and book, because tickets can go fast!




Waxahachie, Texas

Screams Halloween Theme Park is one of the most elaborate haunted houses in TX…or maybe even the country!

The attraction includes five full haunted houses, so you won’t be lacking in heart-pounding experiences. First is the Zombie Wasteland Apocalypse. The survivors you encounter will think you’re zombies…and the zombies you find will think you’re food! Will you survive with all of your limbs?

Cursed…The Witches of TerraMythica Castle allows you to take a terrifying trip into the medieval myths of yore. You’ll meet the Magdena Sisters, but look out! They might have a spell or curse up their sleeves… Another haunted house in Dallas is PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos. Think you’re not afraid of clowns? You might change your tune after walking through!

Screams Halloween Theme Park also features other haunted houses, including Hotel D’Feers, which is frozen in time after a massacre, and Capt’n Barbosa’s Blood Harbour, which takes you through a cursed pirate village. Could you really ask for anything more in a Texas haunted house?

But this theme park holds more than just haunted houses. Scary-Oke allows you to put your singing skills to the test, and they have a full food court and pubs to indulge in. The Screams Main Stage hosts music and entertainment, including DJs playing your favorite dance music. There’s something for everyone!

Want to try something that might actually connect you to spirits and the beyond? This Dallas haunted house has professionals who offer tarot card readings and palm readings so you can find out your future! Plus, check out their wax hands, henna tattoos, feather extensions, and temporary tattoos.

Screams Halloween Theme Park is the world’s largest Halloween theme park featuring 50 acres of scares and thrills. Experience all you can at this amazing attraction…if you dare!

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