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Bristol, Connecticut

The Haunted Graveyard boasts itself as the largest Halloween attraction in New England. The theme park has over 200 ghosts, goblins, and vampires to scare your pants off, spread over 14 themed Connecticut haunted houses. The mile walk takes about 45 minutes, and they’re all full of terror and fun!

Each haunted house CT has a unique story to go along with it. A Cardinal kept the halls of his cathedral blessed and safe, but when he died, something sinister took over The Catacombs. Now the dead have begun to stir…


The pumpkins in their Pumpkin Patch have developed a taste for human blood, and people who stay too long tend to disappear. You can also experience areas filled with werewolves, banshees, spiders, and vampires. Oh my!

The founder of The Haunted Graveyard started the haunted houses when his daughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. He wanted to distract her from the candy she couldn’t eat with tons of frightening ghosts and ghouls. To date, the haunted house CT has raised over $1,000,000 for diabetes research. Feel a shiver down your spine for a good cause!




Shelton, Connecticut

Legends of Fear has been scaring people in Connecticut haunted houses for 25 years! Are you ready to join their ranks?

This New Haven haunted house features a terrifying haunted hayride. You’ll board a tractor-pulled hay wagon into the fields and forests of fear for 30 minutes of spine chilling fun. The actors can’t touch you, but they love to see you squirm. No one will hear your blood curdling screams over the chainsaws and the clowns’ maniacal laughter. You’ll descend deeper and deeper into the darkness until you forget why you signed up to be there!

If you still have the courage, you can then check out The Hallow Trail. All of the legends you’ve heard are true during this spooky walkthrough. You’ll start at the Melon Head Revenge Trail, which is inhabited by demented, cannibalistic beings. They’ve been in the Fearview areas for generations, and they’re out for your blood!

Next is Hemlock Manor Mortuary, the home of Edgar the Mortician. He’s been isolated from civilization and has become an incredibly sadistic man, driven by the desire to inflict pain and suffering. Watch out, because he might try to make you part of his collection!

Pine Hills Parish is your next stop on The Hallow Trail. The parishioners here have been handing out their own version of penance to the visitors who seek absolution… Will you dare to enter their house of worship to repent for your sins?

The Dark Harvest has all sorts of ghouls and creatures on the farm. Vampires lurk in the shadows waiting for their next victim. You might become part of the ritual at Raven’s Rock and brave the Scarecrow Village. Will you be stuffed, turned into the next scarecrow?

Last but far from least, you’ll encounter The Funhouse of Fear. You’ll see the remains of what was once a vibrant carnival and fun house. The freak show was the main attraction until the carnival operators died and left the former place of joy dormant. However, once you enter, you might find that it’s not so empty after all…

The CT haunted house near me has been featured as #1 in Connecticut by The Scare Factor, so be prepared to run out screaming. It’s not for the faint of heart!




Stratford, Connecticut

Connecticut residents: are you looking for the best haunted house near me? Check out Fright Haven Haunted Attraction!

Located in Stratford, Connecticut, this haunted attraction features three haunted houses in one. The first is Witching Hour, a new area for 2021! The legend is that the haunted house takes place in the home of The Duncan Family. Townsfolk always said that the property was haunted, but The Duncans didn’t believe the old wives’ tale and moved right in. There were signs of deep problems: objects shifting with no human contact, dolls with eyes that looked a little too human, flowers wilting as soon as they bloomed…but The Duncans ignored them all. One night, their son Johnny went exploring in the home’s library, reawakening the witches’ magic. It wreaked havoc on the home, and The Duncans disappeared without a trace. Now, you’ll enter their former home as the clock strikes 3 a.m…The Witching Hour. Will you fall into the same trap as The Duncans?

Another haunted house in CT is PsychO Ward13, an asylum with questionable methods of treating its patients. For years, doctors conducted heinous experiments, stripping the patients of their humanity. All it took was one unlocked cell to turn the tables. The inmates have now taken over Ward 13 and started conducting their own experiments on the remaining doctors and staff. As you enter, you’ll see their mangled bodies strewn across rusty operating tables, bloody torture devices hidden around every corner, and the buzz of electroshock ringing in your ears. Will you lose your mind and become Ward 13’s newest patient?

Lastly, you have The Wasteland. When the apocalypse hit after a devastating nuclear war, the world humanity once knew ceased to exist. All that lies in the wake of modern civilization is ruin and chaos. Even worse, humanity itself fell away. When the food ran out, the cannibals emerged, and when the reactors melted down, they became mutants. You’ll need to remain vigilant at all times to escape their vicious grasp as you make your way through a world left in shambles. Every step could be your last as you try to outrun the cannibals, mutants, and the few remaining humans with nothing left to lose. When you enter this free for all, you might find it hard to make it out alive…

Fright Haven Haunted House is a non-profit haunted attraction, which supports the Stratford Police Department and the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation. Enter at your own risk to support your local community!

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