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Acworth, Georgia

Folklore Haunted House is one of the premier haunted locations in the Atlanta area. Step right up to experience the horror within!

This Georgia haunted house has three separate attractions that will send shivers up your spine. First, visit The Manor. Evil has infested this once beautiful estate, and now rotting walls, crumbling furniture, and dusty tombs lie around every turn. The corrupted and twisted souls of its former victims are willing to stalk anyone unlucky enough to be caught inside. Will your soul be trapped inside The Manor forever?


Next, check out Asylum ‘67. In the late 1960s, reports of illegal activities mired the reputation of the Georgia State Asylum. Rumors now persist of far more insidious horrors within the walls. The people who came to investigate the atrocities were never heard from again…. Can you handle the horrors that wait within the darkest corners of Asylum ‘67?

Last and certainly not least, you can visit the sci-fi themed Overload. The mining vessel ISS Riker went missing on a mission into deep, uncharted space. Now it’s back…but is it safe? You’ll have to make your way through the bowels of the damaged ship to learn the horrifying fate of its crew. Watch your back, because the terror on this ship is on overload…

While you’re there, you can also test out your skills at the Midway of Mayhem, filled with horror-themed carnival games! You can blast zombies in their shooting gallery or attempt to win spooky prizes. It’s a good break from running from monsters and ghosts through the GA haunted houses near me.

Folklore Haunted House has been featured in many publications and news channels, including FOX 5, Big Scary Show, NBC, and USA’s Greatest Haunts. Don’t miss out on this highlight of the Halloween season!




Stone Mountain, Georgia

Looking for a unique haunted house in Atlanta? Netherworld Haunted House is the answer! Located less than an hour away from Atlanta, it’s the perfect trip for a group of friends or a family during the spookiest season of the year!

Netherworld Haunted House has a variety of haunted houses and spectacles to entertain you. First, you’ll enter Rise of the Netherspawn. An ancient sorcerer has released an army of horrific nightmares led by the twins Fear and Terror. A colossal storm of shadows has engulfed the world to conceal the rise of these beings. Bone-crunching Berzerkers and flesh-rending Rabid lead the charge, hidden deep within the swirling mists and flashing lightning of the colossal storm of shadows. Will the helpless victims be surprised by the hoarde, or will they glimpse the rise of the creatures in time to flee?

Their second haunted house is called Return to Planet X in 3D. You’ll need to put on special Extra Dimensional Viewing Glasses to enter the BOX, a secret facility where an experiment gone wrong has blasted bizarrely colorful mutagenic radiation over the entire complex. Weird, malevolent life forms stalk victims throughout the complex as the very fabric of reality crumbles.You’ll need to evade these mind-melting creatures that have crawled through and make them return to Planet X. The fate of the entire planet is in your hands!

The people behind this Georgia Haunted House have also created Escape the Netherworld, a series of escape rooms. They have a variety of themes, including Tiki Island, Sasquatch: Bigfoot’s Revenge, Nosferatu, and Haunted: Curse of the Night Hag. All of them have extensive backstories that will freak you out and increase the complexity of the game. They also offer different difficulties, so you can try out these games whether you’ve played escape rooms before or not!

While you’re there, you can play Netherworld Laser Tag Adventure, enjoying the frightening atmosphere with your friends turned enemies. You can also check out the House of Creeps Monster Museum, which features rare movie props, cool monster displays, fun photo ops, and a collection of Netherworld memorabilia.

You’ll never run out of things to do at this haunted house GA. You might feel compelled by a voice in your head, telling you to come back again and again and again…




Stockbridge, Georgia

Fear the Woods is a haunted house and haunted trail located less than an hour away from Atlanta, Georgia. Will you be able to escape the farmer and his terrifying secrets?

The first attraction here is The Haunted House, where you’ll unravel the twisted world that lies within the decaying walls of the farmer’s barn. His paranoid nightmares and visions have blurred the lines between actuality and your insanity… You’ll be subject to vigorous testing, and your mind might be warped if you trespass inside. Can you navigate the twists and turns of the farmer’s never-ending nightmares?

Next, you’ll walk the path of Terror Transport and Haunted Trail, where you’ll find the rest of the farmer’s darkest secrets deep within the woods. You’ll ride on the Annihilator into complete darkness… Beware of what lurks in the mine shaft or what members of the farmer’s family wait for: to feast on the unlucky souls who were found in their home. All visitors hear their relentless calls, but few live to talk about it… You’ll need to navigate your group to safety and pray that you won’t fall victim to the inhabitants of the woods. They really hope you won’t make it out alive…

The last horrifying attraction in this haunted house in GA is Infestation, where you’ll test your survival skills with this live action kill experience! Do you think you have what it takes to survive The Apocalypse? This outdoor video game experience is combined with a real-life interactive walk, making it the only haunted house attraction of its kind in Georgia. Will you be able to get yourself and your partner out to safety?

Looking for the best haunted trail and haunted house near me? You can’t go wrong with Fear the Woods!

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