Patrons wait in line on Halloween at Ultimate Terror Scream Park
Patrons wait in line on Halloween at Ultimate Terror Scream Park in Sacramento, California.
Tips Help More than You Know

There are certain tips for obtaining the best possible experience at a haunted house attraction! These tips will help ensure you get the most out of your haunt-going odysseys, big and small. Do be sure to check up on the haunted houses’ policies online before arriving. Most are similar, but some can vary.

What Not to Bring!

First off, always wear closed toed shoes and remove all jewelry before arriving. For safety purposes, we would not want your jewelry getting lost or stuck on anything. Plus, the haunts are generally dark, your feet could be stepped on by other guests. Pocket knives, lighters, e-cigarettes, masks, handheld accessories and sometimes purses/bags are not allowed in the haunts as well.

We Do Not Want to have to Ask You to Leave

You will be asked to remove a mask or costume accessory if you attend with them. Very importantly, you will be asked to leave if you attend a haunted attraction intoxicated, if you purposefully touch, handle, or move the props and sets, touch the actors purposefully, or take photos and videos within the haunts. These are strictly prohibited at haunted houses throughout the country. We understand people can be energetic, but there is no excuse to be rambunctious and obnoxious. Most haunted houses do not allow the actors to touch you, and if they did, there would be paperwork and warnings before sales and entry of course. So there is no need to touch the actors doing their jobs. One person’s wrongdoing can spoil the fun for the rest of the group.

Ticket Options – Buy Them Online

Next up, buying your tickets online is great so you may avoid the ticket booth line, which can get very long at times. Buying in advance can also save you money on several ticket options. Pre-sale tickets are also sold by many attractions if you choose to be a part of their mailing list! Fast pass tickets are usually an option at haunted houses. They are more expensive, but can greatly reduce your time waiting in line.

crowds line up media
Crowds line up to witness the all new Hush Haunted Attraction in Westland, Michigan.
This attraction relocated to a new, larger building in 2019 that was six times larger than its previous location.
When is Best to Attend

Arrive early in the night! Not only will you most likely beat a large crowd, but this is when the actors and staff are most energized. Their performances usually peak right when haunts open, not to say that they sag through the rest of the night, but people need to take breaks and have lower energy by the time the attractions close.

It is also recommended that you attend early in the season, at least before October 15th, or during any weekday throughout the season. Less people are in attendance on these nights, and so you and your group will get far more attention in and outside of the haunts. Crowds will not be behind or in front of you, and the scare actors will give you their undivided attention, especially if you are truly terrified.

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Plan with Your Group Accordingly

Speaking of groups, it is good to come up with a game plan in case your group is large. Most haunted attractions will only let up to six people at a time inside each haunted house, so as to let everyone have the fullest experience. Enormous groups let in at the same time takes away from people within those groups that are behind or cannot see anything. Split your group up and be ready to enter in a smaller posse. That way, everyone can get some good scares!

Here’s What to Expect the Most

Expectations are everything. So do not expect to be frightened the entire time, expect to come and have fun! Haunted houses are all about making people laugh as much as scream. Also, it is okay to be scared! Haunted houses are good tools to face fears and experience grandiose emotions. Create some memories this Halloween season at your local haunted house attraction, and remember to have fun!

So Visit a Haunted House Attraction!

All in all, you should visit a haunted house attraction this Halloween season! If you have never been to a professional haunted house before, then you are in for a treat. Haunted houses allow us to experience our primal fears in a controlled environment. They can be fantastic stress relievers, and are a blast to share with family and friends. Please use our site as a guide to find the best haunted house attraction for you. To see attractions in your area, click here.