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Piedmont, South Carolina

Madworld Haunted Attractions has one of the widest arrays of fall activities in the country! No matter what you’re looking for, this haunted house in SC has it all.

Madworld’s main draw is their haunted house, filled with creatures, trails, and scary entertainment. Visitors will venture through The Asylum, The Diner, The Vortex Tunnel, The Voodoo Experience, The Clown House, The Prison, The Ring, The Zombie Area, and so much more! There’s over half a mile of self-guided terror that will make you run for the exits! If you’re worried the tour will be too much for you, the park also offers No Scare Medallions, which will keep the actors from jumping out at you and scaring you. This is a great option for kids as well!


Once you’ve walked through the scariest experience of your life, there’s still tons of things to do in the park. You can try out their brand new 18-hole Ghost Town mini golf course or visit their state-of-the-art escape rooms, which will leave you laughing and panicking at the same time! They also have carnival games, face painting, bonfires, and photo booths for guests to enjoy.

If you want to enjoy the night air, Madworld Haunted Attractions also has a nightlife scene! You can experience live music and dancing while spending time with your family and friends. Guests can also enjoy a wide array of carnival food, including hamburgers, deep fried Oreos, deep fried honey buns, BBQ, soda, coffee, hot chocolate, and more. There’s always something that will keep you coming back for more!




Bishopville, South Carolina

Ever feel like you’ll never have enough scares? Come on in and get proven wrong!

Kreepy Hollow Haunted House is a haunted attraction with a punk rock atmosphere. You’ll hear rock music playing throughout the attraction, occasionally interrupted by the roar of chainsaws and screams from visitors. This haunted house near me feels like a party and the scariest day of your life all in one!

At the beginning of your tour, you’ll go on one of the attraction’s famous bus rides. You’ll have the choice between the Master’s Bus, or you can roll the dice and take the Mystery Bus. Either way, you’re in for the ride of your life!

Once you get off the bus, you’ll be taken to the 7,000 square feet South Carolina haunted house. It’s the largest haunted house in the state, and there are many surprises inside! It’s a one of a kind experience, but cowards should turn away before it’s too late!

You’ll finish your evening with a two-mile hayride to explore the forest on the property. The expansive views and shadowy trees will make the hair on your arms stand up. You’ll see seven deadly scenes on this journey, and you’re likely to see your greatest fear on this hayride…

In addition to their Halloween events, Kreepy Hollow Haunted House also offers off-season opportunities to get scared, including their Kreepy Christmas Night. The more fear, the better!




Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina has a storied ghostly history. Why not learn about it on your next trip?

Bulldog Ghost Tours offers a wide variety of spooky experiences to enjoy. Some of their most exciting destinations include the USS Yorktown, Magnolia Cemetery, haunted jails, and the Haunted Historic District of the city!

Your tour fee helps to maintain and restore the Charleston landmarks where you tour, so you’re actually helping the city as you walk around. It’s a great way to feel good about being a tourist?

Want to spot a real ghost on your trip? Now’s your chance!




Blacksburg, South Carolina

The creatures that lurk in this haunted house in SC want to give you the hands on horror experience of a lifetime… Will you take them up on their offer?

Booger Jim’s Hollow takes a hands-on approach to horror. Their actors can touch you, making you forget that you’re only here for fun. However, guests can purchase a No Touch Medallion if they’re a little skittish their first time.

This haunted house is based on a local legend in Blacksburg, South Carolina. Booger Jim was an odd man who never really spoke to anyone. Despite his foul disposition, he had a wife and a very young baby to take care of.

One night, Booger and his wife got into an argument and something snapped in his mind. He beat her, then strangled her to death with his hands. When the baby started crying, he beat the baby to death to silence him.

Booger Jim quickly snapped back into reality and realized what he had done. Consumed with remorse, he stumbled to the bridge in Cherokee Falls and hung himself with a cable, a picture of his wife and son crushed in his raw and twisted hand…

The citizens of Cherokee Falls say that if you go to the infamous “Booger Jim Bridge” at midnight and say the words “Booger Jim” three times, he will appear, consumed by rage and grief and howling at the sky.

Many have reported sounds of footsteps under the bridge and even moans from where the cable crushed his neck coming from beneath the bridge. Some have seen red, glowing eyes peering out of the woods surrounding the bridge. Anyone who has been there on a dark night knows that there is a darkness there that no light can penetrate…

Booger Jim’s Hollow is separated into three main attractions: The Haunted House, The Doll House, and The Haunted Trail. In each area, you’ll find something to chill the blood in anyone’s veins, whether it be ghouls, goblins, demons, psychotic clowns…or even the twisted Booger Jim himself. Will you survive the encounter, or will you be filled with the anger he felt so long ago?

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