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Cincinnati, Ohio

The Dent Schoolhouse will take you back to your worst memories from high school. Located in an abandoned schoolhouse, it’s bound to bring terror to children and adults alike!

The schoolhouse was a public school building that opened in 1894. The attraction’s allegedly true story says that the school closed in the 1950s after a janitor named Charlie was suspected of foul play after kids started going missing. Will you solve their murders and make it out alive yourself?


Some of the rooms you’ll see include Charlie’s workshop, bedroom, boiler room, and even the janitor’s student holding cell. There’s also a Detention Hall, which consists of an intense clown maze! In addition to the schoolhouse, this site offers the outdoor Queen City Slaughter Yard for extra scares.

You can either amp up your experience or make it easier to take in. The house offers lights on nights for families and small children. They can take in the creepy decor and rooms without any actors present, making it a milder experience. In November, you can also walk through the schoolhouse in complete darkness…if you dare!

One of the most unique things about this haunted house in Ohio is its Christmas in July event. They’ve opened A Christmas Nightmare, which combines Halloween and Christmas into one big extravaganza! They promise that you’ll see The Grinch and Krampus inside, as well as many of their classic characters. Hope you’re filled with lots of cheer!

The Dent Schoolhouse has been mentioned in several recent publications, including Oprah Magazine, City Beat, CNN, Travel Pulse, and Glamour. Don’t miss out on this haunted house in OH!




Pataskala, Ohio

Think there aren’t any extreme, heart-pounding haunted houses near me? You’ve got it all wrong!

Haunted Hoochie boasts itself as the world’s most extreme haunted house. They state that it’s filled with “graphic and violent horror” that may be offensive and disturbing to some. A full sensory assault waits for you in their Dead Acres attraction, meaning the actors can touch you!

Haunted Hoochie used to be located entirely outside, but it now has a venue to haunt its guests both inside and out. Before you even enter, you’ll see fire for miles around from the top of the haunted house OH. Rock music plays from the 50-foot long stage show, and you can shoot live hecklers with a paintball gun. As you wait for the attraction, you can watch horror movies on their screens.

You can go on a hayride full of screaming patrons through wooded trails, or you can go inside…if you dare. It calls itself “scarier than a broken rollercoaster ride,” and this haunted house is made up of a mix of actors, animatronics, and state of the art robotics. You’ll travel through old log cabins, musty caverns, underground cellars, rooms on fire, and across bridges over swamps filled with live monster fish.

Doubt its extreme nature? In 2015, USA Today reported about some of the controversial elements of Haunted Hoochie. These included a suicide by shotgun, demon birth, scenes from the 9/11 terrorist attack, nuns bearing swastikas, and faces being skinned off. The Scare Factor also put out a review of their 2020 version of the house, which talks even more about the horrors within. Yikes!




Sandusky, Ohio

Want a haunted house with lots of other stuff to do in the building? Check out Ghostly Manor Thrill Center!

The main attraction is their Ghostly Manor Haunted House, where ghosts lurk around every corner. You’ll wander around this “old mansion,” which will expose you to some of your greatest fears!

In addition, you can do all sorts of fun stuff at this Cleveland haunted house. Their escape room threatens to lock you inside forever, and you can wander the depths of the Laser Maze. Their XD 4D Motion Theater features five different rides, and you can also enjoy roller skating, bounce houses, an arcade, and a snack bar with a full menu.

This Cleveland haunted house is located about an hour away from the city, so it makes an easy day trip. You can even take a vacation here in Sandusky, since it’s so close to Cedar Point and several water parks, which can be great for the whole family.

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is open year-round, so if you need some spooky energy in your day, you can always get it here!




Columbus, Ohio

Fear Columbus is one of the scariest haunted houses in Ohio! Enter at your own risk!

Their most famous attraction is Aftermath: Anarchy. It takes you through a post-apocalyptic city featuring overturned vehicles, abandoned businesses, a giant haunted asylum, a New Orleans cemetery, a slaughterhouse, and so much more. Management has upgraded every single scene, including a massive technology update, so even if you’ve been before, there will be new things to see!

The newest element of this Columbus haunted house is The Summoning. It’s taken over a year to design and construct the new area. It’s bound to be a hellish trip!

Another new attraction is their mini escape rooms. They’ll keep the terrifying energy of the other attractions, keeping the hair on your neck standing up at all times!

You can also check out this haunted house near me in November, when you can go through the haunted house with no lights and no guides. Only one single glow stick will illuminate your journey as you encounter dozens of live monsters! It’s their most extreme event!

Want to be scared for a holiday that’s not Halloween? This Columbus haunted house offers special events throughout the year, like Krampus: Haunted Christmas Experience. It features 40,000 feet of horror during the holiday season, including elaborate sets, live actors, and audio visual technology. You can also check out Love Is in the Scare, their Valentine’s Day attraction that will make you jump into your lover’s arms in fear!

Check out their review in The Scare Factor, and make your way to this Columbus haunted house!

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