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Yuma Nightmares Haunted House

Yuma, Arizona

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Mount Mayhem Haunted House

Phoenix, Arizona

Outdoor Haunted House

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Phoenix, Arizona

Ready for your teeth to chatter with fear? Enter Fear Farm, one of the best haunted houses in Phoenix, Arizona!

This haunted house AZ features two main attractions that will spook even the bravest among you. Dead End Slaughterhouse is their new attraction in 2020, and its updated look really brings the dark story to light. An old 70s rest stop on the edge of town, untouched by time, has been used as a tourist trap for weary travelers...literally. Patrons are abducted to be used as human meat at the diner! The townsfolk are driven by a thirst for human blood, and have become more brazen and aggressive towards travelers. This high-intensity, cat and mouse style attraction will never let you look at a cheeseburger the same way again!


Next is Dead in the Water. This waterlogged vessel evokes echoes of the golden age of riverboats, but it’s fallen into disrepair. The incensed spirits of dangerous gamblers and high society aristocrats haunt this sunken steamboat. Their unearthly powers summon creatures lurking within the muddied depths of the clouded river. In this haunted house AZ, you’ll journey through the sinking ruins and discover the horrifying truth behind the legends of the deep…

Ready to venture into Fear Farm? Be careful, because you might not make it out alive!




Phoenix, Arizona

Are you absolutely petrified of dolls? 13th Floor Haunted House might be your kryptonite!

This haunted house in Phoenix is one of the most well-received productions in the country, and they spend tons of time making sure that their haunt is top notch. They currently have two attractions ready for guests that will blow you away.

First is Bad Blood, where werewolves and vampires collide. An ancient feud between these creatures rages in the shadows of the city streets. For years this conflict has been kept a secret from humans…but not anymore. A recent uprising has turned the city into a living nightmare of snarling fangs, spilled blood, and absolute chaos, which you’ll have to navigate through if you want to make it out with all of your blood and most of your limbs. A ruthless pack of werewolves on motorcycles known as Lycan MC clash with a savage mob of skate punk vampires, the Coffin Crew. If you’re caught between the warring factions, carnage could await…

The scariest attraction in this Arizona haunted house near me is The Dollmaker. You’ll enter a spooky house at the end of a street that just sits abandoned after the death of its owner, the dollmaker. His collection of Victorian dolls still fills every inch of the room. Before the old man passed, he placed every doll exactly where he wanted them to reside, and any disruption will be dealt with in the most vicious fashion. The dollmaker will inhabit the porcelain dolls and defend his life’s work, even in death. Can you handle all of those creepy eyes looking at you…and maybe even following you with their gaze?

13th Floor Haunted House has been named one of the Top 5 Haunted Houses in the United States by USA Today. Are you brave enough to check out this den of terror?




Tucson, Arizona

This haunted house used to be a fully functional slaughterhouse, hence its name. Will you be the next thing made into meat here?

The Slaughterhouse was turned into five bone-chilling attractions under one roof in 2009. Recently, they’ve consolidated their inside space into just one enormous haunted area. You only have to wait in line once to experience all of the terror inside. Plus, the 3D section of their indoor house has been flattened and completely redone from floor to ceiling. There are new scares and effects that will blow your mind! They’re pretty secretive about what you’ll have in store for you, but one thing is guaranteed: it’ll scare your pants off!

The Arizona haunted house also features an outdoor haunt that’s brand new! Details are forthcoming about the area, but fear lurks around every corner…

Do you believe in ghosts? The Slaughterhouse is actually haunted, so you might change your mind! Ghost Adventures visited this location on an episode from their 14th season, and they brought rapper Post Malone with them! They got some great evidence of paranormal activity that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. If you plan to visit the place, it’s essential viewing to see what you’re up against!

Are you ready to handle the simulated scares that reside in this abandoned slaughterhouse? And more importantly, what about the real dead people who are still there?




Phoenix, Arizona

You’ve heard of haunted houses…but what about a haunted home?

Mount Mayhem Haunted House is a little different from some of the other attractions on this list. While it’s full to the brim with terror, it’s not run out of a large warehouse or outside structure. This haunted house in Phoenix is actually the backyard of a private residence, and the owners and their children put on the show as a labor of love for people in the area every Halloween season. They spend over 150 hours every year building all of their props, and they change them yearly, so you can come again and again!

Last year, the theme was related to the pandemic, with a virus sweeping through the area. They were able to wipe out most of the creatures on Mount Mayhem, but they aren’t gone yet… Lurking below the surface, the monsters are resurrecting themselves, and they’re ready for fresh blood! The haunted attraction features live actors, as well as moving and non-moving props. No actors will scream at or touch you, but that doesn’t mean the terror isn’t real.

The theme this year is Phobia, and you’re bound to have many of your deepest fears reactivated with this haunting area. Will you need to see a shrink after your walkthrough?

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