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Mooreville, Mississippi

Who would have thought that you could visit a spooky castle attraction in Mississippi? Now you can!

Tupelo Haunted Castle is one of the top places in the South to visit during the Halloween season. They’ve been operating in Mooreville, Mississippi since 2008, so they know the absolute best ways to make their guests shriek in fright!


The castle is obviously the main attraction here. It’s a long path through these halls as scary special effects, props, and actors try their best to scare you out of your mind! There’s even an obstacle that only can be completed by a single person at a time, and you have to sign a waiver before you try it. Management changes the attraction substantially every year so you and your family will never get bored at this haunted house in MS.

In addition to the main structure, Tupelo Haunted Castle has two other haunted attractions to check out. First, Lost in Darkness is a maze that will leave you in the pitch black, clawing for your way out… You can also check out Delirium, an interactive haunt that puts you in control of the horror experience.

Tupelo Haunted Castle has been highlighted as Mississippi’s best haunted house in Cosmopolitan, as well as in their 50 best houses overall. They’ve also garnered attention from Only in Your State and The IT List.

Visit this haunted house near me this Halloween for a one of a kind, spine chilling experience!




West Point, Mississippi

Want to see real ghosts this fall while learning about our nation’s history? Waverly Mansion is the place to do it!

Colonel George Young built Waverly Mansion for his wife Lucy and their 10 children in 1852. The beautiful house remained in the family until the death of his last surviving son in 1913.  It was abandoned for the next 50 years, and vandals, weather, and neglect took a toll on the home. The property became overgrown, the paint faded, and several windows were broken. It was during this time that rumors of hauntings began to swirl around the area…

In 1962, Robert and Donna Snow bought the home and immediately realized that the paranormal rumors were true. Throughout the renovation process, Donna saw the apparition of a young girl. The spirit followed her around the home, desperately crying out, “Mama!” The girl’s ghost has also been known to nap in an upstairs bedroom, as an imprint of a child’s body would appear suddenly out of nowhere. The girl is said to have died at the home of sickness during the 19th century.

Several other ghosts are said to haunt the mansion, including a Confederate soldier who appears in mirrors behind residents and visitors. The home’s parlor exhibits the highest levels of paranormal activity. Visitors say they hear phantom music and laughter coming from the room. You can even hear dinner party guests laughing and enjoying music in the ballroom. All you have to do is venture outside of this haunted house near me to be in the presence of more spirits. Legend has it that the grounds are haunted by a ghost rider and a horse.

Waverly Mansion is also one of the most unique and architecturally significant antebellum homes in America. It was also the home of plantation that was worked by slaves, making it part of one of the most terrible parts of America’s history.

The Snow family still lives in the home. However, it’s also open daily for tours from the public.




Tupelo, Mississippi

Looking for the best haunted house in Northern Mississippi? Search no further!

Haunted Hill is a unique haunted house experience that can scare anyone, no matter how tough they are. When you enter, you’ll see Gothic columns, flaming towers, and two black Cadillac hearses to greet you. You will have to maneuver through long dark hallways, coffin corridors, vampire rooms, and a hall of ghouls. They mention that there could even be a chainsaw or two…

Their building looks just like an authentic haunted house. It’s old, rickety, and falling apart…or at least that’s how it seems from the outside. They change some things from year to year, so it’s chock-full of the unexpected!

This Mississippi haunted house has been featured by Only in Your State and Haunt World. It has been delivering scares for over a decade. Care to be one of their victims?



  • Do your research beforehand. You might be able to figure out what rooms are the most haunted or what types of apparitions people see. You’ll be able to be on the lookout for paranormal activity this way in a Mississippi haunted house.
  • Be respectful. While it’s normal to be excited about possibly seeing a ghost, pay your respects to the space while you’re there, especially if you’re on a historical tour. You should be kind to the spirits and other people on the tour alike.
  • Go later in the day. Unless you’re on a ghost tour, most haunted places won’t let you go at night. However, you can still pick a time to do a tour as close to closing time as possible, which can help, especially if it’s dark outside.
  • Try using equipment (if you can). Some tours will let you have time to yourself to explore. In this case, you should consider using some paranormal equipment to see if you can capture any evidence of spiritual activity. Pick something that’s discrete and silent like a digital voice recorder. You can ask questions of the ghosts, then play back the tape to see if they’ve answered you!
  • Leave the location as you found it. Don’t touch things that aren’t meant to be touched or move anything around. Never leave trash around the location. This is respectful to both the home’s staff and the ghosts.
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