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American Fork, Utah

Ever wanted to be part of a haunted traveling circus? Step right up!

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus is like no other haunted house you’ve ever experienced. Their cast of entertainers of the night has only grown since its inception, possibly by nefarious means…


In the 1900s, a mysterious traveling circus roamed the countryside of Utah. It crawled from town to town, greedily claiming more than its fair share of screams and dreams.

The ruthless and cunning Ringmaster led the circus, and he sought new recruits in every audience. He looked for the lonely, strange, and forgotten. Whenever the circus left town, children were rumored to vanish like a wisp of smoke in the night. But soon, they were all forgotten.

The Ringmaster’s cruelty had bred malice throughout the shadows of his own circus. His show was branded with torture, terror, and murder, and his performers despised him. Two deviant misfits convinced the others to band together against him, and they murdered the Ringmaster and took control of the circus. The murderers earned a new moniker: the Strangling Brothers.

Dressed as clowns, they were even more evil than the man they killed, and the circus was darker than ever before. More and more misfits started disappearing from the towns they traveled to, and they have a thirst for blood…

Walk through this haunted house in Salt Lake City with endless scenes of demonic clowns and freakish chaos. As you try to exit, you may just hear the voice of the demonic Strangling Brothers say, “You are now part of the show!”




Farmington, Utah

Get ready to scream at the theme park…and not just because of the rollercoasters!

Frightmares is an event that’s held yearly at Lagoon Park, one of the largest theme parks in Utah. During the normal season, they have a wide variety of rollercoasters, including Cannibal, Puff the Little Fire Dragon, Bat, Colossus: The Fire Dragon, and Musik Express. Other rides include a ferris wheel, sky ride, bumper cars, and catapult.

During the spookiest season of the year, you can experience the park in a completely different way, one that will send shivers down your spine. The park puts on a Seance show, a fully immersive haunted experience that blends the chilling live performance, intense physical effects, and unexpected audience participation. You’ll be thrust into the action as the ghost story comes to life!

There are attractions for adults and children alike. Those who want to be scared can check out Nightmare Midway. As you watch your nightmares come alive, you might start to wonder if you will survive. You’ll encounter illusions that will leave you screaming! Frightening Frisco is a ghost town, but something sinister has taken hold of it. Watch out for outlaws and other creepy scenes! The scariest area of this haunted house near me is the Nighwalk. Think twice before you enter, as the devil is the main presenter! You’ll be tormented by vampires and demons, and many guests can’t handle the horror…

Frightmare at Lagoon Park also has lots of events that are catered to kids. The whole family can visit Treat Street, Spook-A-Boo Walk-Thru, Scary & Crows Straw Maze, and Streetmosphere. Anyone can have tons of Halloween fun at this Utah haunted house and theme park!




Kaysville, Utah

Kay’s Cross was a large stone cross that stood the abandoned woods of Kaysville, Utah. It was over 20 feet tall and made of stone and mortar. The cross was reduced to rubble in 1992, but its legend still lives on… Since it was built, it has been a site filled with gossip, cult activity, and possibly demons.

There are rumors that ghosts and demons haunt this site. Shows like Ghost Adventures have visited the cross and captured paranormal activity. It’s said that a strange, spectral woman haunts Kay’s Cross, chasing away visitors. Satanic covens allegedly used to do rituals at the site, including a special sacrifice on Halloween night.

The best known legend of Kay’s Cross tells the story of a polygamist. He owned the land the cross is on. The man allegedly snapped and killed seven of his wives, burying six of them around the cross. He then buried one standing upright in the base of the cross, and he encased her heart in the center of the cross. He then hung himself from the cross as penance for his crimes.

This legend is very likely a work of fiction, but the story surrounding the cross is still incredibly strange. In 1992, a man came forward who said the cross was built in honor of Krishna Venta. The large “K” at the top of the cross stood for “Kingdom,” a word that played a prominent role in Venta’s speeches.

Krisha Venta is an interesting character. He was a cult leader of more than 100 people for several years, but his reign came to a shocking end. In 1958, two of his former members confronted him and tried to get him to confess to his crimes on a tape recorder. When this didn’t work, they blew themselves up and anyone close enough by detonating a bag full of dynamite. Krishna Venta was killed, along with seven other cult members.

Surprisingly, the history of Krisha Venta actually gives the cross a connection to Charles Manson. Despite Venta’s death, his organization, the Fountain of the World, survived. In 1968, Charles Manson and a few of his followers went to stay at their monastery on and off for a few months, learning Krisha Venta’s teachings. Eventually the members of Manson’s cult began to scare the residents of the monastery, and they were forced to leave. Despite this, Manson adopted many of Venta’s prophecies and twisted them to create Helter Skelter.

Now, you can take a guided tour of the site. You can make the creepy trek through the forest, where you’ll definitely feel like there are hundreds of eyes watching you from behind the trees. You’ll get the opportunity to see the remains the historic Kay’s Cross at night and decide for yourself whether any of the energy lingers here…

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