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The Nevermore Haunt

Baltimore, Maryland

Indoor Haunted House

Ocean City Screams Haunted House

Ocean City, Maryland

Indoor Haunted House

Bedlam in the Boro

Lineboro, Maryland

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Waldorf, Maryland

Indoor Haunted House

Zombies at the Zoo

Rising Sun, Maryland

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Ravenseye Manor

Fairplay, Maryland

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Twisted Fields of Terror

Prince Frederick, Maryland

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Olney, Maryland

Field of Screams Maryland is definitely one of the premier haunted houses in MD. Be prepared to enter a world of fright!

This haunted house MD offers walking trails in the middle of the woods that will make you want to run for your life. Their OG attraction is the Trail of Terror, which is a 30 minute walk through a haunted forest. 13 small haunted houses are scattered throughout the trail, dotting the path of the darkest and scariest woods you’ve ever entered. Watch out for zombies and clowns as you make your way through the horrifying sites.


Their newest horrific option is The Haunted Trail. This campground of fears winds you through even more of the haunted forest. It contains 13 haunted stations with terrifying looks, sounds, animation, and props. The premise is that a group of 20-year-old campers once laughed and played at Camp Fear, but they brutally died one summer. Will they come back from the grave?

You have to sign a waiver to enter this DC haunted house because of the dark pathways and tight spaces. Plus, there are no refunds if you get too scared to continue.

Field of Screams Maryland haunted house is located less than an hour away from DC, so it’s a great attraction for people all over the state. It’s been rated as the #1 attraction by the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun To Dos, so trust us: it’s bound to scare you in ways you never imagined!




Aberdeen, Maryland

Legends of Fog is considered the best all-in-one Maryland haunted house, DC haunted house, and haunted house in Baltimore. They’re constantly building new attractions and improving their attractions for ultimate terror!

Their hayride is one of the longest haunted options in the area, and the things you’ll see are extremely shocking. You’ll have to escape zombie hordes and bond with your friends and family in the way that only survivors can. Scream, squirm, hide…just don’t get caught by the fog!

Another amazing attraction is their Farewell Hotel. You can check in, but you might never leave! This haunted house is filled with imaginative horrors and scenes that you’ll never be able to forget, especially when you’re laying in bed at night. The horror hotel has over 70 doors, so it might be impossible to find the right one to escape in time!

You can also visit the Cornstalkers Haunted Maze. It’s back for another season with an expanded, all new design. If you think you’re alone in this corn maze…think again! You’ll need to be quiet as you crunch through this horror-filled maze, hoping the cornstalkers won’t hear you. You’ll need to use your wits to conquer these fields and find your way back to freedom.

Legends of Fog is also introducing a brand new attraction, so you’ll get even more value for your ticket price! Walk through all of the areas it offers and try not to cry like a baby!




Dickerson, Maryland

Want to be scared and do some good for the community in Maryland? You’ve come to the right place!

Markoff’s Haunted Forest was started in 1992 as just a haunted school bus with mattresses outside of the exit for guests to fall on, terrified. Now, this bus is located in their scrap yard as part of their permanent attraction in the horrifying forest!

The haunted house MD offers a horrifying trail through the woods, peppered with actors, effects, and sights that are bound to freak you out. They now feature the longest trail in their 26 year history, combining the best of their trails 1 and 2 from previous years. It has more twists and turns than ever!

In addition to their trail, they offer other games and activities surrounding an annual theme. They host live music on Fridays and fire dancing on Saturdays, which you can watch while you wait for your name to be called.

Another unique thing about this Maryland haunted house: food! The Deadly Dinner offers a unique experience for patrons to dine with the dead. They serve fresh, oven-roasted pizza for guests to enjoy, as well as salads and appetizers. Your servers might be a little spookier than at a normal restaurant, so make sure you have a strong stomach!

This haunted house Baltimore benefits Calleva, a full-time organization committed to teaching and building strong leaders through positive outdoor experiences. They teach people about food, farming, and environmental and social responsibilities through their forests and other experiences with the outside world. When you go to this haunted house, you’re working for good!




Dundalk, Maryland

Bennett’s Curse is celebrating 20 years of fear, so you know they have the art of scaring their guests down pat!

The first of their four attractions is the Underworld Haunted House. It takes place in a new underworld created by Satan himself, and contains your wildest nightmares ready to be unleashed. They have an unmatched collection of creatures, including demons, vampires, and other hideous monstrosities. This is the show that has made Bennett’s Curse a household name, and it’s consistently ranked as one of the best haunted locales in the country!

Next is Legends of Halloween. It’s their newest attraction, and is the essence of Halloween brought to life! In this Halloween world, you’ll see wicked witches, giant spiders, mummies, werewolves, scarecrows, ghosts, and much more! It’s perfect for the spookiest person in your life!

Ravenbrook Asylum is closed, but that doesn’t mean that the patients have left. Their evil cannot be contained, and you’re about to walk through the most terrifying asylum you can imagine. Will you need to be committed by the end?

The most unique aspect of this haunted house MD is Inferno 3D. Guests get 3D glasses, which bring the attraction to life. It’s based on The Divine Comedy, so you’ll enter all of the circles of hell while confronting monsters, demons, and fallen angels.

Can you handle all four attractions and make it out alive?

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